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message 1: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
I count vampire-romance as necrophilia (if the vampires come from dead humans) but I'll skip those here because not everyone feels the same...

The Return of the Horny Dead by Rhonda Lee - Not romantic, but an erotica story about a chick hooking up with a zombie

Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite - Two dudes fall in love over their love of having sex with corpses (actually really romantic and nasty-cool)

Breathers: A Zombie's Lament by S.G. Browne - Two zombies fall in love (does it count if you're both dead?)

message 2: by Jill (new)

Jill Cordeiro | 3 comments I loved Exquisite Corpse. I thought it was beautifully written.

I would like to read We So Seldom Look On Love by Barbara Gowdy. It's a collection of 8 short stories-We So Seldom.. was adapted into the movie Kissed.

message 3: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
I've never seen Kissed. What genre is the book?

message 4: by Jill (new)

Jill Cordeiro | 3 comments Me either, but I've always wanted to.

From Wiki-
"The narrator and main character of the title short story of her 1992 collection, We So Seldom Look On Love, for instance, is an assistant embalmer at a funeral home who makes love to the bodies of attractive young men before they are buried. The story was the inspiration for the 1996 Canadian independent film Kissed, directed by Lynne Stopkewich and starring Molly Parker. The story is based on Frank O'Hara's poem "Ode to Necrophilia", and was inspired by a newspaper article Gowdy read about a young California woman who hijacked a hearse on its way to a funeral, took the corpse of the young man inside the coffin to a motel room and had sex with it for several days before being caught by the police.
We So Seldom Look On Love is meant as a compilation of circus-type characters and their quest to find connection with others. Another story features a two-headed man who removes one of his heads. A third story in that collection, "93 Million Miles Away" involves a woman who masturbates and exposes herself through the window of her apartment to a man in his apartment across the street. This story was made into the film Arousal.

I think I read on Amazon that there is a story about Siamese twins as well. I've added it to my "to read" list for sure.

message 5: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
Oh, that is fantastic!

message 6: by Robert (new)

Robert Beveridge (xterminal) See Kissed. Immediately.

message 7: by Jill (new)

Jill Cordeiro | 3 comments I even have the soundtrack, which is lovely...I've wanted to see it since it first came out, but never got around to it.

message 8: by Christy (last edited Apr 12, 2010 07:32PM) (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
Kissed will have to be this week's movie.

Maybe this'll be a trend. A book group where we just watch movies.

message 9: by Merzbau (new)

Merzbau | 29 comments i really liked Breathers...i've been meaning to read Exquisite Corpse for so long now, i don't know why i still haven't...Kissed sounds great, i'll have to check it out...if we're talking about movies then Nekromantik 1 and 2 are a must, low budget German trash cinema at its best (worst?)..Visitor Q also has a hilarious scene involving necrophilia

message 10: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
My Netflix queue is going to start to feel dirty.

message 11: by Merzbau (new)

Merzbau | 29 comments there's also a movie called Dead Girl that came out pretty recently, it's apparently a love triangle between 2 guys and a zombie girl they find chained to a table in the basement of an old building...i can't really recommend it since i haven't seen it but i thought i'd throw it out there

message 12: by Robert (new)

Robert Beveridge (xterminal) Oh, damn. How in the flying hell did I forget about Deadgirl? Low-budget, but I loved loved loved it.

Oh, and Christy, if you're okay with your netflix queue being a necroslut, I should also toss out the name Nacho Cerda. Aftermath is the particular flick, but I think it's packaged with a second one on DVD in America and I can't remember the name of the comp. It takes some getting used to--I laughed myself silly the first time I saw it--but it'll grow on you.

(And Nekromantik 2? I had to turn it off after the first ten minutes the first time I saw it. The make-up effects are... effective. Unfortunately, the rest of it doesn't measure up, but that extended opening scene is nausea-inducing, and I say that in the fondest of ways.)

message 13: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
Well, I seem to have found the forum fetish.

message 14: by Merzbau (new)

Merzbau | 29 comments don't feel bad Robert, i totally forgot about Nacho Cerda...Aftermath and Genesis are the 2 main features on the disc and there's also a 5 minute short on there too, i think its called The Awakening...the dvd itself is just called Aftermath/Genesis

message 15: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
My mom is a huge Twilight fan and I can tell you it is 100% necrophilia and pedophilia.

message 16: by Merzbau (new)

Merzbau | 29 comments haha i totally forgot about the pedophile aspect, good call

message 17: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
For Love of the Dead by Hal Bodner

M/M zombie romance.

Now on my wishlist.

message 18: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 129 comments Mod
My Zombie Valentine by Katie MacAlister
Generation Deadby Daniel Waters

Both looked like they could at least be campy-good but they were just boring.

message 19: by Raquel (new)

Raquel (luridandlaughing) | 4 comments Deadgirl was alluring in a filthy, filthy way. I loved Noah Segan.
In one of Neil Gaiman's Sandman volumes, a woman recalls screwing a corpse. Hot damn.

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