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Character that u r most related to

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message 1: by MaDiSoN_RaNaE (new)

MaDiSoN_RaNaE | 5 comments Mod
i am more like alice because i am adventurous and outgoing

message 2: by Jenya (new)

Jenya | 8 comments ~*~ I think that I am most like Alice because I love fast cars and I really want to be in control most of the time!~*~

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 7 comments I love adventure, and goooo fast cars!!!!!!!!!\

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 7 comments I think i am most like Alice because she is outgoing

message 5: by Abby (new)

Abby (abbyzoa) | 5 comments I REALY DONT KNOW WHO I AM MOST LIKE

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

i think im most like bella im stuborn and very curious at the same time. i would probably ask edward all of those questions too.

message 7: by Katie (new)

Katie (katie_alicia) | 1 comments i think that i'm most like rosalie because if i lost as much as she did i would be mean too. that's just how i am. i'm not necessarily as ignorant as her but she's closest to my personality. next would be alice because she's always dancing! :]

message 8: by Samara (new)

Samara | 8 comments I am more like Alice.

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