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Max walked out of his Cabin telling his dad he was going to the Lake.

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Kendall changed into her bathingsuit and put on some clothes over it. She then told her parents that she was going to the lake. She started to walk down to the lake.

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Max was pissed about his parents divorec, but he had to stay strong for his sister. He got to the lake taking of his shirt.

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Kendall got to the lake. She didn't see Max there. She took off her shoes and then sat on the end of the dock.

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He got in the water.Swimming in straight lines back and forth.

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Grace ran up to her sister "Hey Kendall!"

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Kendall looked up and smiled at her sister, "Hey Grace"

(sorry it is takin me so long 2 find a picture kayla)

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((Its okay))

Max came up looking at the girls with a grin. He kep swimming.

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Kendall looked down just in time to see Max smile at her and Grace. She smiled a little

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Grace sat down beside Kendall

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He swam back to were his shirt was and got out the water ."((his sisters name)) !!COme out sidde!"heyelled

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((tbc until I finds a picture. haha))

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((nothing. look in the charrie folder and pick a picture

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((i did))

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Kendall scooted over a little on the dock so Grace could sit.

Ally heard her brother yell for her. She ran down to the lake to him, "Yeeesss?"

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments Helen came out behind Grace. She was wearing a sports swimsuit. Helen was on the swim team back home. "Hi Kendall! Are you gonna go down?" she asked

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"Hey you wanna go and talk to those girls with me?" he asked pleading

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments ((Ah. Nice brother.))

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Kendall looked at her little sister Helen, "I dunno, maybe...not right now"

Ally looked at her brother for a minute and then sighed, "Well I don't really wanna go, but I'll do it anyway"

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He kiised her cheek."Thanks."He smiled and they started walking over to them.

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Grace stood up, nobody paid attention to her anyways.

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((Grace could be like frens with my dude :P But he likes her sister that'll make things fun.Or she could just tell him what his sister like in stuff like help him out))

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"Where are you going Grace??" Kendall asked.

Ally smiled, "Your welcome" she started walking with him.

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((He talks to her first though))

Grace took off her shirt and pants and flip flops to reveal a skimpy bathing suit

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"Hey."he smiled meeting the girls . He looked at ally and back at them walking up to them . "Im Max."He knew he was doing this wrong.

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments Helen rolled her eyes. "You can't swim 3 laps around the pool in 10 seconds with that on." she mumbled, disapproving of her sister's taste. She saw Max and said. "Hi. I'm Helen."

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"I'm going were nobody can talk to me since nobody pays attention to me anyways" Grace hissed walking down to the beach

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Ally giggled at her brother.

Kendall looked up, "Hi" she said shyly. She was a minute older than Grace, therefore she was the oldest of Her, Grace and Helen, but she was still the shyest.

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ѕιєяяα ѕαωя ℓσνєѕ мυƒƒιηѕ wrote: ""I'm going were nobody can talk to me since nobody pays attention to me anyways" Grace hissed walking down to the beach"

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((If hes friends with grace it cold make Kendall Jealous and they could just be besties))

He nudged her. "I just wanted to come over and ....see whats up."he smiled unsure

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments Kayla wrote: "((If hes friends with grace it cold make Kendall Jealous and they could just be besties))

He nudged her. "I just wanted to come over and ....see whats up."he smiled unsure"

((It's extremely awkward to date someone who looks like your bestie! ^^Just saying))

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"Ill be right back" Kendall said, shyly agian. se ran after her sister, "C'mon Grace. What's wrong?"

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((actually they are futernal twins, so they dont look alike)

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"Everything!" Grace said angrily "I never get attention in this dreadful family"

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((HAHA so))

He waited looking at Ally. "Im bad at this."

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Ally laughed at Max, "I can tell...either you are extremley naturally bad at this or yu realllyy like one of those girls"

Kendall sighed, "Grace, yes you do!"

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments Helen looked confused. "Um. Yeah. Okay." she said

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"No I don't! It's either Kendall your the best or Helen I'm so proud of you"

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"I dont know them so i guess im naturally horrible at it." He frowned.He pulled her on to the Dock and pickked her up holding her over the water.

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Ally looked at Max sternly, "Don't you dare! Put me down!"

Kendall frowned a little, "That is not true!"

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments Helen, feeling like she was interrupting, went to find Grace and Kendall. "What's up, Grace?" she asked, trying to be patient.

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"Yes it is and you know it! Mom and dad didn't even come to any of my dance recitals yet they always came to yours!"

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"No."He smiled

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siyao (siyaoi) | 38 comments "Oh. They came to your class play in 6th grade. And plus, mum and dad don't come to all my swim meets." Helen tried to comfort her.

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music lover  (GGLover) ((how do i join in?))

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((ok )

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"Max!!! Put me down!" Ally complained

"What?! They always told me they came to yours! Your just lying! I came to all of yours! Just because mom and dad don't give you attention, doesn't mean me and Helen don't! You ahve tons of friends and al of that, so why would it matter?!" Kendall argued with Grace

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"No they didn't, thy came to see Kendall not me!"

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