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This'll start someday, after I end up making a character thing....

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But I'll get confoozled, so don;t start w/o me or i'll get lost again!

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Anna walked out of the shop and looked around. It was bitterly cold, and she had no clue where she was. The shopkeeper had been no help whatsoever. She cursed under her breath as she pulled up the neck of her charcoal turtleneck.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Piper sat down, the world calm around her.
She rolled her neck back and sighed
Her nose then perked up, she smelled something nice.
As she looked around, she saw the store keeper opening up a fresh box of coffee beans...
Yes...they did smell good.
She stood up
When it was time, she opened up the case for her bass guitar and pulled out some money.
It was well worth it.

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Anna saw a girl with a bass walking towards a store. She had been looking for a bass player! Actually, she had been looking for a whole band....

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Clem had her blonde hair loose down her back and was humming a song softly to herself as she meandered down the street pulling her cheetah print trench coat around herself. It was cold. It would snow soon, so that meant she would need...
-more snowboots (note to self: find band, earn more money)
-heavier coat
list making. A sad habit of hers she couldn't seem to stop. Mmmm...coffee. She clicked into the shop with her black stiletto boots and bought a mocha with whipped cream before sitting down to transpose a Beatles song from guitar to piano.

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Anna walked past the girl with the bass to get a coffee. Seeing Beatles music, she asked if she could join a blonde girl in a trench coat. 'Is this seat taken?' (( that sounded really stupid... oops.))

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"Nope! Go for it." Clem replied cheerfully to the girl in the turtle neck.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Piper turned and saw two girls sitting in the window box.
They both were drinking.
She bent her head down low and scurried by them, remembering what had been drilled into her by the dead.
Don't talk to anyone.
Don't listen to anyone.
Don't accept anything from anyone.
Be perfect.
Always make lists.
And she walked faster as one of them called out to her.

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The girl sitting next to Clem called out to a girl with purple hair walking past the window. "Wait!" she cried.
"Do you know-" she stopped mid sentence as the girl in the turtle neck ran off after her. Hmm...Clem decided to follow them. She was a runner, and being a serious boot fanatic-she didn't find it hard to run in her stilettos.

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The girl at the table suddenly sprinted off after a purple-haired girl. WHAT in Lord Krishna's name was going on? thought Anna.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Piper turned around as she heard footsteps.
Some girl was running after her.
She started moving her feet quicker.
And as she did, her feet started to fly.
And as her feet started to fly, she knew that she needed to get away.
And as her feet flew and she thought about getting away, she dove into the corner, wanting to be alone.
"Hey, let me help you, the runner said."

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Anna grabbed her canvas bag and slung it over one shoulder. The girl had a bass, and the other had sheet music-- pianist? Anna didn't know; she couldn't read music. All she knew was that she had to catch them before they got away from her. Her black Chucks pounded the ground as she flew down the sidewalk.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Piper looked away, she didn't like people talking to her.
She looked away again...
she didn't like people.
"I said," the other girl repeated, "let me help you."
Her hand was extended and she was leaning down.
Piper fliched away...
"Just..." she stammered

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Clem pulled the purple haired girl up. "You look cold. I am buying you a coffee no matter what you say." the girl just stared at her like this was no something she was used to. She didn't have that much money...her mom spent most of their family money on illegal drugs-nonononono she didn't. Clem bit her lip hard. Don't, don't, don't. You can't think about that. It. Is. Not. Okay. NO. "Sorry! Just um...had to think for a moment." Clem said to the other girl. "Okay. Lets go." Just then the girl she had been sitting next to ran up.

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"Hey! Hi! Are we done running?" Anna said through her gasps. "I am not a big believer in physical activity! I saw we go get coffee. I'd like to discuss a few things with the two of you..." She straightened her harlequin-print grey and black tights, hitched her back higher on her shoulder, and walked back toward the shop. Let them follow if they wanted; she'd find someone else if they didn't.

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Anna entered the shop and nearly tripped on the door. she windmilled her arms to regain her balance and tried to remain composed. she looked back over her shoulder to see if the two girls had followed her or not.

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Hmmm...discuss a few things...why not? Clem thought to herself. She followed the turtle-necked girl down the street and hoped the girl with purple hair would follow.

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The pretty blonde was looking like she was going to come, but the one with the purple hair looked a bit... skittish.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) They were all staring back at her as she just sat there...
She didn't really want to follow them,
'don't look at anyone you don't know'
'just be the same'
'be normal'
The voices kept coming back to her, but she
lifted up her head
and walked on.
Following them, onwards.

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She was coming! This was definately going to be Anna's day. She had found two potential band-mates! It was really very hard to do ANYTHING if all did was sing...

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Zoë (zpfrolik) THe other one looked so happy, she was walking in front of them all, head held high with an extra spring in her step...
'don't mess up'
'don't hurt anyone'
'don't talk to strangers'
But wouldn't she be breaking rule number three to accomplish rules one and two....
She wanted to make the others happy.

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All three girls sat down at a table in the coffee shop. The girl with the purple hair looked down at her feet so her hair fell in a curtain that shaded her face from the others. The tiny girl in the turtle neck looked at both of them, face open with happiness. Clem wanted to know what was going on. "Okay, so...discuss? What are we discussing? Oh no! I left my coffee outside. Darn. Well I guess caffeine isn't really good for you...so it's a good thing. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Well, I don't really think that would apply to me, cuz i would rather eat the lemons. I like lemons. And um-oh sorry...I talk a lot...especially when it gets kind of quiet and just-ok I'm done." Clem winced when she saw the other girls staring.

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'It's okay,' Anna said, smiling. 'I'm Anna and I'm a singer. I've been looking for some musicians, because you can only get so far in life singing solos. I thought perhaps we could be a sort of band-like thing...' She broke off, blushing as she realized that she was being WAAY to articulate.

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"Wow." Clem drummed her long, elegant fingers across the hardwood table. "Well, I play the piano and I have been looking for someone to play with. I decided it was time to move my playing outside of my apartment."

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Anna was very pleased that the pianist was agreeing, but the bass player still looked uncertain...

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Piper didn't like it.
Yes, she had been alone forever.
Yes, she was a musicion.
Yes, she wanted some friends
a life,
a joy,
'Don't talk to strangers'
'Dont look at others. They are better than you. You don't deserve to see them.'
But they were gone, they couldn't always haunt her. She neeeded to move on...she needed to leave them behind. She was herself, no ghost could tell her what to do...they left her.
She looked up...and opened her mouth ((you guys get to decide what she says!!))

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"Hi." Clem was shocked. The purple haired girl's voice was beautiful. It was clear and melodic, but small and uncertain, like a child's. It sounded like she didn't use it very much.

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Anna grinned broadly. 'Hi! I love your hair! I've been trying to think of something to do to my own, but I've drawn a complete and utter BLANK!'

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Too overwhelming, all the sounds of people talking to her.
"Thank....thank you. I could help you die it...white...blank..." She stared at the girl who went by Clem. She was smiling like she knew something.

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Anna was a bit confused, but she just carried on the conversation. Well, at least, she tried to. The blonde was smiling, and the purple-haired one was smiling. ((We have to introduce ourselves soon, all I can do is say the one with the COLOR hair said... you know?))

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"Ha ha. Nothing...just, like do you think blank colored could be blond? No...probably not...because blond is just...blond. It's not really yellow or brown...it's like a mix. Which would be dirty blond but that's still not a color. Darn. Oh, sorry...I'm talking again...by the way-my names Clem. Short for Clementine. My mom was a fruit loving hippie!" Clem grinned.

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'S'okay!' Anna said. 'i'm Anna. My mother was a boringly uncreative Brit.'

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"Ha ha. Does she have an accent? I've always wanted one...but our accents are as different to others as theirs are to us soooo...I guess I do, but it's boring."

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'Yeah, and when I'm not thinking about it, my accent is really bad. I'm from Liverpool, and it's very Scoouser there. i think American accents are exotic, and it's fun to speak that way!' anna said.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Accents...
Piper didn't have an accent, not that she wanted one, she liked her voice, but she didnt like using it.
She met eyes with the one with the accent and quickly said.
"Imma vegan""

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'Coolio! I'm not!' Anna replied.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Well, Piper thought.
That did nothing.
"I think Ryan Ross should be a model"

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"Neat." Clem said, acknowledging both girls comments. "I think Ross should be a model." one said. "Who's Ross?" Clem asked.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) "Ryan Ross...he's" Piper stopped talking, a look of pain on her face. "He's nobody..." She looked down...and her tummy growled.

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"Ah. It's ok, you don't need to talk about it." Clem said to The Girl. She peeled off her coat-it was hot in there. Anna gave a startled look at her outfit compared to her turtleneck. Clem liked patterns and bright colors. She had on a midnight blue shirt that stretched across her legs and dipped low. It was slightly off with her translucent pink plaid tights. "Alright" Clem said addressing The Girl With Purple Hair. "What's your name?"

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Zoë (zpfrolik) What was her name?
Ques es ella llama?
She paused.
"It's....." she looked up quickly, and stared into Clem's eyes.
"It's Ryan..."
'Always lie'

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"Hmmm..." Isn't that a guys name? Clem thought to herself. "Cool name." Clem decided on instead.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Stupid her, stupid her.
She wasn't named Ryan, Ryan was a girls name.
She was so stupid.
"Yo soy muy stupido." She whispered to herself.

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"Yo soy muy stupido." Ryan whispered to herself. I am so stupid. Je suis tres stupide. Clem's heart fell a little bit whenever she saw people like this. It was so sad to see the level of people's self confidence sometimes.

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Piper looked up and stared at the harlequin tights-clad girl.
'boys and harlequin girls,
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close? ' Stupid Ryan.
"How are you, she said. Directed to anyone?"

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This was just about the point where Anna lost trackof the conversation, and so she continued to sit back and not say anything.
((i can't think of anything ot sya :P))

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Zoë (zpfrolik) The conversation was dying...Piper felt weird.
She continued to stare at her andd said.

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'So what do you two think? Would you like to play with me?' Anna asked. 'I mean, you seem like you've been playing bass for a while, RYAN. You've got the callouses (i think i spelled it wrong) on your fingers. I don't know how to tell if a person's a pianist or not, but you were red-copying the music and all that good stuff. I envy you, Celm. I never learned to read music.' Anna finished her little speach and looked around. 'Well?'

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Zoë (zpfrolik) Ryan's eyes jumped to meet her fingers. They were quite calloused indeed...
"I cant read anything..." she said.
"LIke, nothing..." she continued.
"I only know the names of coffee." And she stood up, running to the counter, pouring out her near empty pockets.

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