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Okay guys, there has been some... interesting things someone by the nickname of "Monkey" has been saying about our religion, and I think that we should all post our opinions on what he is saying about the true gospel, our faith. Please follow this link to read and post your views:


This link SHOULD work, but, if it for some reason does not, please type in the box in the upper right-hand corner that says "find books by title or author or isbn" and search "book of mormon". Click on the first link you find. Look under the tab "discuss this book" and click on the first discussion "Is Mormonism a form of Christianity?" There you can find the whole discussion.

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Thank you! We need people!

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Jayda Will do!

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Yayyyyyyy more people! Thanks Jayda :)

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Thanks for this Lexi! You've been a huge help. (I asked her to help, btw.)

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~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 444 comments I added a comment there! But make sure that while trying to prove to him that we ARE Christian, that we ACT like Christians. ;)

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Will read.

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I read it.

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Jayda Honestly, I think we just need to ignore him. I know that we need to defend our religion, but as he posted last, we won't change his mind and we're just giving him too much attention.

I say leave it be and ignore him. Maybe even delete your previous posts? Up to you, of course.

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I was disappointed when he said that, but I don't know why, because many do believe that the Mormon faith isn't a form of Christianity.

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Here's what I wrote after I read it:

I completely agree with Jeniel. Mister Monkey, maybe you should try reading the Book Of Mormon. And talk to the local Missionaries; you might have a change of heart to us Mormons.

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Thats good! Lol Mister Monkey.

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Thanks, yeah. I wonder if he's responed...

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Okay, guys, I was talking to my seminary teacher and someone from the bishopric about this, and they suggested that we not attack him. They said that testimonies will do best. Try that.

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Jayda I seriously just recommend not even bothering with him. He'll just tear your testimonies apart. Trust me, I've dealt with his kind - Anti-Mormons - before. They don't care about your testimonies.

I think it would probably just be best if we didn't give him so much attention, if you know what I mean?

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It's a challenge, though. It could tear our testimonies apart, but his lack of sources helps. Give him your feelings. He can't tear those apart.

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Jayda I'm probably not going to get anymore involved than I have. We're giving him too much attention and we're not going to change his mind at all. Even missionaries have to give up on people sometimes because they know that there are other people who are willing to listen and accept the truth, compared to who they're speaking to at the time, you know? I think it's kind of pointless to talk to him.

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That's because the missionaries have no time to do this. We do, so why not.

Look, it's not to stop him. It's to show future viewers what we really believe. He's twisting their perception.

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Jayda Missionaries do have some time. My dad said that mission presidents tell them that if someone isn't open and willing to listen to the truth and accept it that you can only do so much.

I'm not saying it's to stop him. But you're just going to go around in circles. I've dealt with people just like him. He'll ask the same questions, only he'll word them differently. I think that posting the truth about what he's said is a great idea, so that people don't get the wrong idea about us, but debating with him about our religion won't help anything.

Oh, and I just thought you would want to know (I'm sorry if this comes off as rude? I seriously don't mean to!) you probably shouldn't have asked if he was gay in the beginning of your post. It might make you come off as a homophobe in some eyes, even though I know you weren't serious, and might make people assume that Mormons hate gays, or something. As untrue as it is and as jokingly as you said it, people can always assume the worst from your words if they want to :)

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I felt a little iffy about that. I'll go change it. Thanks.

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Jayda Alrighty. No problem!

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Just did it.

Well, Jayda, he can't mess up our feelings. He can say all the louse-riddled stuff he wants, but he can't get past how we feel.

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Jayda I know. I just don't want people to see the contention between us and think that we're an angry group of people or something. A lot of people took me as that way when I was in debate groups on here, because I was so passionate about our religion. Contention isn't supposed to be a part of the church. I just try to remember that when debating about Mormonism.

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True. What grade are you in, Jayda? Old enough for seminary?

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Jayda I'm a senior (I'm not 17-18 though) but I do home study because rides are impossible and because of some other stuff as well.

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Jayda Yes I am! :)

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I wish I was. I used to be, but it was kindergarten. Granted, that got me a couple grades ahead. I'm only officially one grade ahead, though.

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thats cool!

message 32: by Jayda (new)

Jayda I love being home schooled. It's great. I'd be a mess if I weren't, I think. I love skipping grades, too :) Haha.

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I technically homeschool myself, actually. I learn nothing in school, so I just take things into my own hands.

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Eating Burrito's Um...I will be in middle school next year!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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I'm in high school. BWAHAHAHAHA!

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Jayda Oh, so you went to regular school and then taught yourself more at home? Or your parents pulled you out and you self-taught? I teach myself, too, unless I need help with something.


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The former.


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Eating Burrito's Meanies!!! *criez* I iz just eleven I iz young. You make me feel too young. *criez more* (If you look at my profile pic, that's me and my friends. I'm in the tan shirt...))

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Jayda Oooh, I gotcha! That makes sense :)

Which is so not cool.

Snierf... live it up. I wish I could feel too young again. I don't want to be seventeen this year. I'm having a midlife crisis about my age :(

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Eating Burrito's Wow. When's your b-day? My sis is turning seventeen.:3

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((You just changed your profile pic. Okay.))

I mean, there's acquaintances, but no real friends. Get me?

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aww.. thats sad you have no good friends where you live...:(

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Eating Burrito's That iz. :(

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Jayda My birthday is August 4th :)

Yeppers, I did just change it! I was tired of my old one, even though I changed it... last week?

I know exactly what you mean. Well, all of my friends here are friends, but I don't trust any of them, really. All of the ones I trust are on the other side of the state, or OUT of state D:

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Yeah, but it's my own fault. I tried setting up an organization to help people not feel insecure, and it fell around me, like some poorly-built castle. It sucked.

Now I have no friends.

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Eating Burrito's SAD!!!!
My sis is older than you. Hers is on May 8

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Jayda That really sucks :/ I'm sorry. Do you ever wish you could move? I definitely do.

It is sad! D:
That's the day of prom!!!

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I don't. I love Utah. It's pretty...most of the kids are LDS...lots of kids are getting pregnant. Never mind. Moving away wouldn't be too bad.

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Eating Burrito's lol.
Well...I don't like moving. I miss my friends that are already with me. :(

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