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message 1: by Jakob (new)

Jakob | 24 comments This is a really fun website: http://oneword.com/

There is a new word every day and you have to write something inspired from that word in one minute.

Post your one minute inspirations here.

message 2: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (SandyCrow) | 49 comments I banged two lines out of the word "tape," but I knew there was no way I could finish it in a minute. So I'll be using that idea in a normal, unrushed poem. (ik that's not really a word :))

message 3: by Jakob (new)

Jakob | 24 comments Don't worry about it :P I'm really bad at keeping the minute limit as well. It's a nice way to get inspiration though :) Look forward to seeing your poem.

message 4: by Kitty (new)

Kitty | 84 comments any way to do this without having to sign up for twitter?

if the word is "tape" here goes.

type and tap to tip and tape
as words escape, escape,
scrape below the seascape

well, it does jolt writing/thinking/writing

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