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message 1: by MJ, Idiot's Top libriarian (new)

MJ | 1332 comments Mod
And once you have read it will be addicted to the series and start to read them all

message 2: by Angie (new)

Angie Great book... so fun and modern.

message 3: by Lori (new)

Lori  (moderatrixlori) I've only read this first book but have ordered the next several in the series. I loved Sookie and all of the other quirky characters in Bon Temps. I was kind of suprised this was classified as horror though. I think it's more paranormal romance buy maybe that's not a real classification.

message 4: by MJ, Idiot's Top libriarian (new)

MJ | 1332 comments Mod
Sookie is so awesome

message 5: by Claire (new)

Claire Greene | 12 comments Hi - I love this whole series and thought I'd pass along this tibit. HBO is about to start a new series called True Blood that is based on this series. If you have comcast indemand, they have about 10 little shows called Blood Copy (2 min each) that are a kind of youtube news show and are like a reality news that vampires are real and what happened with they came out to the general public, etc. And there is one longer (15 min.) that is a Dateline style show that is a behind the story of when vampires were revealed. So they are all like "real" shows. But they are very general and don't show any of the main characters except Sam from Merlotte's. I don't think that the show is going to start real soon, they are just beginning their campaign early and aggressively. So I'm excited and nervous to see what they do to Sookie - I really like this series and it could be great if done well. But that is a big IF!

message 6: by William (new)

William (acknud) I just finished book 1 and surprisingly I enjoyed it. Nice mix of supernatural, humor and mayhem. I have the next to in the series at home on the to read shelf.

message 7: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 103 comments I just bought this and the next two in the series. I'm hooked on the HBO show "True Blood" so I had to check this out.

message 8: by MJ, Idiot's Top libriarian (new)

MJ | 1332 comments Mod
I love these books

message 9: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) I also love the series. And I, too, am surprised this fell into the horror category.

It's a great mix of mystery, humor, suspense, fantasy, and romance. Harris has done a good job of bringing a little of everything to the series.

Sookie did take a little bit of getting used to-mainly because of the POV of first person. But she sounds more and more "worldly" as the series continues. Can't wait for the next one in May!

I have to view the show as a separate entity. A lot of changes were made-and I thought the majority were unnecessary.

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) yeah, this should be in the supernatural romance cat. I think...but either way, very good series! It took me a couple books to get into it, because I was never Bill's biggest fan. Its all about Eric :)

message 11: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) It IS all about Eric.

Ah, the big blonde Viking. He had BETTER feature in the second season of the show just as much as he does in book 2. Otherwise, I shall cry. And write ruthless, nasty letters.

I think just calling it romance is limiting for this particular series. Even if Sookie wasn't involved with anyone, it would still be very compelling. I've been reading a lot of paranormal romance lately, and the relationship aspects here flow within the greater storyline so well that I suppose I'd describe it as light urban fantasy?? I know B&N puts it in the fantasy section...
I've been really happy with how the series progressed. I thought it was so appropriate that later in the series she had the vamp community dealing with the aftermath of Katrina, rather than making them above it all.

I love the vamp politics. And I also prefer her version of pack relations as compared to some other books which get bogged down in snarling alpha males.

And I love Bubba.

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