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Chat Room

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i like chocolate chip cookies!!!

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yes it is

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i like chocolate chip cookies 2 :D

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lol me 3 :)

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how many people do you think we can get by the end of the month???

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idk, i bet..... at least 25

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how many do we have now???

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well i guess 28

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lol :)

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hi :)

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whats your guess Halee???

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what's your guess kayla?

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OMG!!! halee you changed your photo... i like it :)

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what's up?

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nothing much, you???

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im bored!!!!!

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same here!

message 24: by noah (new)

noah (bacteriologicallysound) :\

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does any one love monty python?

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monty python - they were an comedic group u know the movies "life of brian" ," quest for the holy grail"

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is that the person who sung always look on the bright side of life????

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yeah :D

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they are the s**** i luv them... they are really old now && some of them are dead but i recommend the life of brian && quest for the holy grail

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i liked always look on the bright side of life... its kinda my theme song

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What about you, what's your theme song???

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"The game" by motorhead (it is tripe h's theme song)

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do you watch WWE???

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why? do you? i watch a little bit on fridays and mondays

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i watch it of the flash back thing coz my bro and dad watches it, its all right

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A little....

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if it wasn't acting they would be bleeding everywhere but its still good and they still have to train to be able to do the things they do

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yeah its all planed out && acting.... but it still hurts like f***

heyy maddie (:

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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy erin :)

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heyy everyone (:

hav a nice day (:

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state of origin tomozza

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