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The Organization

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yes but we need more people!!!

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whats the role play about???

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do you have any ideas?

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not really... is it meant to be about something dark and mysterious???

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it can or we can change the name of the group?

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

nah don't change the name. Hey can i make a new topic???

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

you can do what ever you want! :)

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maybe, what do you think maddie?

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☺♡M♡☺ (moonlanpersonyahoocom) Yay, hi people! I'm new!

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im sure sir maddie thinks its a great idea :D

sounds good to me :)

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you do that

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i think its an AWESOME idea :)

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oh hey erin and moonlan

message 17: by noah (new)

noah (bacteriologicallysound) There is a dark side, and a light side, like Katniss said. They are special. They have talents. They are at war and at peace, on and off. Another group is forming, a group more evil than any one of them can think of. It plans to overthrow them.

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Hunter XIV wrote: "maybe, what do you think maddie?"

i think its a good idea, and meep-chan, is it for the roleplay???

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meep chan goes to my school in real life so i will ask her

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im on holidays @ da moment :)

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noah (bacteriologicallysound) Yes. Katniss, Hunter an I all go to the same school, as well as a menagerie of other people. Hunter is not in my class but Katniss is.

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erin and i go to school together...

really erin where at... now i have to be jelous of you

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i have it today!!! :(

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that sucks

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lol i've got jap on mondays

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grrrr jap i dont like jap... but i got a's init (:

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Japanese. i don't mind it though

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i missed out on soooo much i think im gonna fail! :(

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no your not, not if sir maddie has anything to say about it *super hero music* :)

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lol, yep sir maddie is here to save the day:)

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i still failed ): o well thanks for the thought

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you didn't fail did you???

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