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I hate YOU

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message 1: by Lori (new)

Lori Oh my!

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Yep. It's me. I know it is.

message 3: by Sally (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 0 comments This is really scary.

message 4: by Sally (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 0 comments *quivers*

message 5: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell He obviously hates the second person personal pronoun. I do too. It can be both plural and singular. What's with that? Choose a number and stick with it.

message 6: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell And while I'm on the subject, English is the most abundant language on Earth and yet we don't have a third person singular pronoun that expresses both male gender and female gender. We have he, she, or it (which expresses neither.) Strange.

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Most of the romance languages just use 'he' in that circumstance and figure that's good enough. At least in English we have the sense to be confused about it. :)

message 8: by Lori (new)

Lori They?

Funny how English knocked out the gender of nouns.

message 9: by Dave (last edited May 25, 2008 07:16PM) (new)

Dave Russell I said singular pronoun, Lori, but I shouldn't have said "expresses both male and female gender," but rather "expresses either."

message 10: by Lori (new)

Lori Yeah I got that but lots of people use "they". Of course, we being the literate grammatical nerds we are, are horrified by that!

message 11: by Lori (new)

Lori And notice I put the period outside the quote.


message 12: by Lisa (new)

Lisa There is one that refers only to frogs, Donna, but only frogs use it. It's grorp.

message 13: by Lori (new)

Lori Now that we've successfully changed the subject from the original intent of this thread, I'm quite sure we'veall incurred the Wrath of KD.

Best Star Trek movie btw. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!

message 14: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell Well, what was the intent?

message 15: by Lori (new)

Lori Why to tell us that he hated us!

message 16: by Dave (last edited May 25, 2008 07:51PM) (new)

Dave Russell Well, then we've already incurred his wrath.

Or is hate different than wrath?

message 17: by Sally (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 0 comments I think wrath is a result or manifestation of hate.

message 18: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) I hate you too, KD.

XOXO! :)

message 19: by Jackie "the Librarian" (last edited May 26, 2008 01:09AM) (new)

Jackie "the Librarian" No, no, Lori. It was, "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" C'mon, where are your priorities? No wonder KD hates us!

message 20: by Lori (new)

Lori Oh I'm such an idiot! I've proven myself a unworthy Trekkie, wah!

message 21: by Lisa (new)

Lisa YOU, in my world, is the desperately undertestosteroned guy screaming around my neighborhood right this moment at 4:26 am, revving the engine of his muffler-less motorcycle in the hopes that it will impress...who? Some very-early-morning jogger? A therapist whose sleep schedule is terribly dysregulated after being on call this week and staying up late chasing runaways to the ER? (I'm the latter, not the former).

I live on a dead end. He can't even be driving around the block. How does he keep ending up on my street? He's doing pre-dawn c-shaped motorcycle-noise drills?

To all those who think the noisiness of their engines makes up for...something, I still shout the same thing at you that I did when I was 17.

Sorry about your penis!

message 22: by Novi (new)

Novi Bobby These are pronouns in my first language.

I = saya
You singular = kamu
You plural = kalian
He/She = dia

One of the biggest problem when I learned English was that I kept confusing he and she. I remembered a look on a lady's face when I was referring to her as "he."

And I hate it when people ask me how can I tell whether a "dia" is a he or she. The answer is I don't. I just have to ask.

message 23: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) Novi, that's really cool! Thanks for sharing...

message 24: by Carlie (new)

Carlie Hey Novi, you speak malay? My dad once tried to teach me Malay. I only remember Saya ladi a da poulo ari
and saya di dactaou
I'm probably writing them badly but its supposed to mean I speak malay and I do too.

message 25: by Novi (new)

Novi Bobby Indonesian actually. Which is very similar to Malay. Your dad speaks Malay? That's cool. Where did he learn it?

I'm not sure the first sentence you were trying to say, but the second one, I think you meant to say "Saya tidak tahu" which means I don't know. :-D

message 26: by Carlie (new)

Carlie my dad passed away 20 yrs ago. He used to travel a lot for his company. So how do you say I speak malay?

message 27: by Novi (new)

Novi Bobby Damn! I didn't go online for 2 days and it seems like I miss 5 THC years! Scary...

I speak Malay = Saya bicara Malay

But usually it's more common to Saya mengerti Malay, which means I understand Malay.

Indonesian, structurally almost the same as Malay, has no tenses and no he/she and you pronounce things as they are written. So it gets really confusing for Indonesian natives to get used to the concept of tenses and he/she.

Apparently, it's confusing for English native speaker to learn Indonesian also because it's too simple... (?)

"So every time you have to ask if a "dia" is a she or he?"

I said, "Yep. My Indonesian roommate said that her older sibling was going to be our third roommate and I didn't know that her older sibling was a guy until the day we signed the lease. That's when she spoke to the landlord in English and said, 'he can't come today.'"

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