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Character Theme Songs

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Adrian: No Boundaries: Adam Lambert:

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Kol: Young by hollywood undead

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Adrian+Kol: How Do I: Leann Rhimes

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"Kyro Anderson" (KyroA) | 136 comments Kyro: Rain- Breaking Benjamen

"Kyro Anderson" (KyroA) | 136 comments Virgil: End Of Heartache- Killswitch Engage

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"Kyro Anderson" (KyroA) | 136 comments thank you

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cool have you made a carrie yet

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The fallen of wolves | 3 comments Crane: The world is a vampire or prayer of refugee :

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"Kyro Anderson" (KyroA) | 136 comments Kyro and Aon(maby idk yet) All I Live For- Stigma

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"Kyro Anderson" (KyroA) | 136 comments i made slide show ^_^ *happy fan face*

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