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Ammie and Anderson walked through the park with Lily, their Italian Mastiff. They chatted away, but in different languages. Ammie was speaking German, and Anderson was speaking Spanish. It was their way of brushing up on languages.

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((hi hi!))

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((hi!! Urg, I have hw and that;s the only reason i'm up. :-/ ))

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((lol! What time is it for u? It's around 12:30 here. I had to type and glue and draw and write and glue my whole science project down))

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Jojo sat on a swing in the park

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((it's 2:30 here))

Suddenly, Lily started running towards a girl on a swing. Even though Anderson was pretty strong, Lily was a 100 lbs. dog who was running full speed, and he couldn't hold her back. He sprinted along with her, running fast enough so she wouldn't slip out of his grip.

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A dog ran over to jojo.jojo smiled and petted it

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Anderson, who finally had to let go of Lily's leash, caught up to the dog as Ammie ran behind.
"Sorry about that," he said to the girl.

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Jojo smiled " it's fine.she's a fine dog" jojo said scratching it behind the ears

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"She's fast and over 100 pounds, but yes, she can be considered a dog," Anderson said, smiling at the girl. "I'm Anderson, by the way, the dog is Lily, and this is my sister Ammie."

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" hello" jojo smiled at them standing up

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Lily ran over to Ammie, who scratched under the puppy's chin.
"What's your name?" Ammie asked.

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" jojo.other wise JJ" jojo said combing a Han through her thick blonde curly messy hair

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"Nice to meet you," Anderson said with a smile.

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Jojo smiled back " nice meeting you guys" she aaid

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Ammie looked at her phone.
"I have to go meet Jenna and Madelyn at Starbucks in ten minutes, can you take Lily back to the dorm?" she asked.
"Sure," Anderson replied, and she walked back to the dorm they shared with Ammie's two friends on the college campus.

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Jojo sighed and sat back down on the swing, swinging back and forth slowly

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Anderson walked over to Jojo.
"So... do you want to maybe... go get some lunch?" he asked.

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Jojo stared at him raising an eyebrow " um...... Sure" she said

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Jojo stared at him raising an eyebrow " um...... Sure" she said

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"I know this really great pizza place around the block," Anderson suggested.

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Jojo shrugged " ok"

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"I just need to drop Lily off at my dorm first," he said.

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Jojo nodded " want me to come?" she said as the dog circled her legs

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"If you want, it will only take a minute," Anderson replied.

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Jojo shrugged " I really don't care" she said following him

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Anderson walked with her.
"So how old are you?" he asked.

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" 18" she said

(( brb)

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"That's cool. Are you still in high school, or are you in college?" he questioned as they arrived at the dorm. He pulled out a key from under their mat and unlocked the door. Lily ran inside.

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" highschool" jojo said

(( was more of a g2g))

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((No problem. :P))

Anderson nodded as he locked the door to his dorm again.

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Jojo looked around. everything was neat and tidy

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"My sister is such a neat freak," Anderson said with a sigh.

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Jojo laughed. " hey, she's right."

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Anderson smiled.
"You don't know her well enough," he said, then closed the door to the house and opened up his car door.

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Jojo smiled, and followed

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Anderson opened the door for her, then got in on his side.

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Jojo smiled, and sat down buckling up

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Anderson smiled back and drove them to the pizza place.

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Jojo stretched as they got out

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Anderson opened the door to the pizza shop for Jojo.

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Joo smiled,a nd walked in

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They were seated.
"What kind of pizza do you like?" Anderson asked.

((i gtg, I'm sooooooo tired because I didn't get ANY sleep last night. Literally))

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Jojo shrugged. " hawaiin?"

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"Sounds good," Anderson said, and ordered a medium Hawaiian pizza, along with two drinks.

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Jojo smiled. " thanks."

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"No problem," Anderson replied, smiling back. "So tell me about yourself."

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" like what?" jojo asked

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