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message 1: by miaomiao (new)

miaomiao (ajeep) | 155 comments went to MPH to find the catcher in the rye. very very disappointed to find all of their copies had BFM (the radio) stickers on the covers. the stickers were about 2x2 inches in size, quite big. why do they have to spoil the packaging. as if the price tag stickers are not big enough.

message 2: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2843 comments Mod

Saya jenis yang tidak kisah rupa buku; kalau buku itu benar-benar saya cari bertahun-tahun, dan sangat ingin baca, saya tetap beli walaupun kulitnya mungkin sudah tiada :) - tapi lihat harganya jugalah. Biar berpadanan dengan rupa buruknya.

message 3: by Kataklicik (new)

Kataklicik | 714 comments I don't mind price stickers, tapi mesti di belakang buku, and janganlah tengtengah reviewnya. Sticker di muka buku MUST be the peelable kind, and if they are I reward the sticker by sticking it on the inside of the back cover. Else, the peeling-off ritual is accompanied by a lot of evil and profane thoughts.

Tapi Najibah betul. Kalau buku tu baru dan mahal, it merits being blemish free! Stickers would be heresy!

message 4: by Khairul Hezry, I hate people but not you. You, I like. (last edited Apr 04, 2010 07:11PM) (new)

Khairul Hezry | 2357 comments Mod
Miao, first of all, they saved you some money because Catcher in the Rye isn't very good. But hey, you might like it!

Secondly, were the stickers on the cover itself? I thought MPH shrink wrapped all their books? But did you see if the stickers were the easy to peel kind? Promo stickers usually are. What's BFM (you said it's a radio?) and why were they promoting it on book covers?

The worst ones are usually the price stickers themselves. MPH's are the worst because their price stickers stick to the back covers and always leave a part of them behind when you peel them off. Kino's are easy to peel off. So's BookXcess'.

message 5: by Johnny (new)

Johnny B. Rempit (johnnyrempit) | 287 comments BFM has a book show called 'Bookmark' on Tuesdays at 2pm. BFM and MPH are trying to promote reading. The main reviewer for the show is Umapagan Ampikaipakan, a literary columnist with the NST and on their monthly 'Book of the Month' show, they have guests like Sharon Bakar, Amir Muhammad and Kam Raslan. The podcasts of the shows are available online too. BTW, Catcher on the Rye was reviewed recently by Kam Raslan.

About them pesky stickers, I hate them. They usually stick really well if the book you are buying is getting old and have been stuck on it for a long time.

message 6: by miaomiao (new)

miaomiao (ajeep) | 155 comments sticker tu betul2 kat tengah2 cover depan. memang terbaik two thumbs up. tak sure la kalau senang nak tanggal atau tidak. none of the books were shrink wrapped.

i went to kino instead and got a copy, mint, with only a price tag sticker on the back over and still shrink wrapped. same price. no BFM sticker.

to me, if i pay full price (sudah la buku di malaysia mahal) for a book, i'd expect it to be in mint condition. tak mahu la ada stickers itu ini.

somebody once taught me how to remove the stickers using cigarette lighters. kena buat elok2, kalau tak rosak buku.

message 7: by Khairul Hezry, I hate people but not you. You, I like. (new)

Khairul Hezry | 2357 comments Mod
So the stickers are on the cover and not on the plastic wrap?

That's just mean.

message 8: by miaomiao (new)

miaomiao (ajeep) | 155 comments yeap on the cover. sticker pun jenis macam low quality, so senang utk terkoyak masa kita cuba tanggalkan. memang sangat kejam. merosakkan buku tu je. kalau buku tu boleh cakap, mesti dia dah menangis

message 9: by Khairul Hezry, I hate people but not you. You, I like. (new)

Khairul Hezry | 2357 comments Mod
I find it ironic that a shop that sells books do not think twice about desecrating their books. I think that speaks volumes of the people in charge of MPH, i.e. they're not really bookworms themselves. It's just a job to them.

message 10: by Kataklicik (new)

Kataklicik | 714 comments Remove stickers with cigarette lighters? Whaaaa? Silap-silap terbakar, naya!!

message 11: by miaomiao (new)

miaomiao (ajeep) | 155 comments boleh.... tapi sticker tu kena jenis kertas licin atau normal stickers, bukan macam payless punya sticker. yg itu memang susah nak tanggal. api tak boleh dekat sangat kat buku, takut panas sangat nanti cover buku tu deform. the idea is utk panaskan/cairkan gam kat sticker tu dan senang nak cabut

message 12: by Johnny (new)

Johnny B. Rempit (johnnyrempit) | 287 comments Kalau guna hairdryer boleh kot(?) kalau takut cover tu deform. Better temp control. Macam kat kedai accessories kereta. Diorang buang sticker lama macam tu la.

message 13: by Kataklicik (new)

Kataklicik | 714 comments Ooooh, I like that, Johnny! Apasai laa tak pernah terlintas dalam otak... ni nak kena try ni

message 14: by Izzati (new)

Izzati Masri | 71 comments haha...this really reminds me for sumtin. 2 years ago. was browsing for the next series of a vmpire, then i'll go and search for the books at mph. I saw this books and it was published with a hardcover. You can have it a guess on the actual price. It cost rm70++ but it only had 50 pages which i'd thought it was soo worthless to buy. just because i could miss the series and thought that i had to finish it all, i bought it,at last. and then, i was starving for heavy meal for 2 weeks.. LOL

sometimes, it took twice to think to buy or not if i saw a book with pretty designs. cause it attracted me well. but then i had to consider how will the storyline goes,too. so,basically,it depends on the story also, cause it will be a waste if u spend hundreds of money if the story isn't giving u any satisfaction of reading at the end. =)

message 15: by Khairul Hezry, I hate people but not you. You, I like. (new)

Khairul Hezry | 2357 comments Mod
RM70++ for 50 pages?!

Biar betul awak ni!

message 16: by Izzati (new)

Izzati Masri | 71 comments btul la...bku hardcover..tag hrge die pun elok sejahtera lagi kat buku..almost every books i'd bought, price tag die xkan dicabutkan, sbgai satu kesedaran bahawa kadang dah over-budget dgan buku..

besenye 'scene x logik' mcm tu akan berlaku ONLY ONCE per year.. =D

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