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Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) If I could get a list from someone of the chronological order of both the Monk and the Pitt series, would you want to start at the beginning and go to the end? We could have two books a month. One for the Monk series and one for the Pitt series each month. We could also alternate each month between Monk and Pitt. We should probably start in July. That would give me time to get the list and for everyone to get ready after I get it. What do you think? Would you rather have one or two books a month?

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Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) I'm getting the list from my local library on Friday. If you're game, we can take it from there. What do you think?

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Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) Good news!! I am picking the list up on Tuesday rather than Friday. I will let you know on Tuesday the name of the books for June 15 (Pitt) and July 1 (Monk). We will read two books every month. The 1st of every month, we will be reading a Monk novel. On the 15th, we will be reading a Pitt novel. However, if you cannot get the book until later in the month, you can talk about that particular book for a whole month. I think that it is too early to start on June 1.

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edifanob | 49 comments Hi Andy,

I would be good to know in advance which book we read when because I need some time to order the books.

A complete list of books you can find at following link:

Looking forward to read together...

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edifanob | 49 comments Hi Andy,

in the meantime I ordered following books which should be delivered within two weeks:

Thomas Pitt series:
- The Cater Street Hangman
- Callander Suqare

William Monk series:
- The Face of a Stranger
- A Dangerous Mourning

This is Anne Perry's offical webpage:

message 6: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) Thanks Edifanob,

I appreciate your giving me the website.

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