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Marie I finished this book this afternoon. What a fantastic book! After an unexpected death due to another being, it can be easy to show anger. However, this book takes us into the words of God, through Him showing Himself in another form. What a fantastic book it is, showing how to forgive and move on. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I just finished the book, but am ready to read it again. See what I said on ""

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Huls I have yet to pick it up again and hope to get into it this time.

Larry Andrews I balked at his treatment of the Trinity as three separate people. Come on! What theology is that? I put this book on my shelf beside Eat, Pray, Love.

Larry Andrews I recommend another book, Eternal Life: A New Vision. What really happened on Easter morning? Without a resurrection there would be no Christianity. Easter is patently important and is the defining moment for Christians. However, the four gospels offer conflicting views about what happened. Second, what does St. Paul mean when he says “I see;” is he referring to his sight or insight? And then, what about an afterlife, a life eternal after physical death? Related to this question, how can we in the 21st century reconcile scientific discoveries with traditional Bible histories.

These are only a few of the issues discussed in John Shelby Spong’s book Eternal Life: A New Vision. It’s one of the most intellectually challenging and most important books I’ve read, full stop. Maybe it’s my age and the irrefutable fact that my biological clock is winding down, not up, that has made this book so important to me now. Maybe I’m simply trying to get my Christological and theological houses in order. Whatever, Spong’s book was a great reading experience. By the way, Spong is a retired Episcopalian priest.

Ajay Kumar This book seriously takes us to a life full of peace and actually real life.While going through this remarkable story, i was totally lost into the conversation with god.
Now i m definitely planning to go through books like, Eternal Life: A New Vision and many others like this.

Marc-Antoine I do not consider myself a religious person, I'm not entirely convinced on what my beliefs are. I did thoroughly enjoy this book though, it has helped me to realize many of my faults and has made me want to improve as a person. I recommend.

Megan Sewell Sorry to be the first hater to post, but this has to be one of the worst books I have ever read. I read the whole book, even though I hated it, so I could be concrete in my dislike of this book. If you haven't read it don't waste your time.

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Sunny Megan wrote: "Sorry to be the first hater to post, but this has to be one of the worst books I have ever read. I read the whole book, even though I hated it, so I could be concrete in my dislike of this book. If..."

Maybe if you explained why you "hated" the book, it would be more helpful to others who are interested.

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Will IV Honestly, I read this book for my mother (she runs a Bible study and wanted my take on it before she recommended it to her students), but I hardly remember the exact reasons I dislike it. I know I had plenty when I read this because I had over two pages of notes to discuss with my mother, but it's been too long. I just know I thought it was a terribly written book, with pretentious ideas, and a poorly executed plot. Even the pacing was terrible.

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Megan Sewell I think the thing that bothered me the most was the weakness of his commitment to the story. If he wanted this book to be powerful the main character should not have hit his head before the note in the mailbox, and he should not have had a major car accident after meeting Jemima and friends. Also saying that the 10 commandments were written to basically show how dumb humans are was irritating. This book probably works wonders for those who has "lost their faith" or don't like "church" because it tells them that everything they know of faith, is wrong and Jemima is all "new age". Just really bothered me, sorry.

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Deb Danielson I was not impresses with the writing but I love this book simply because I relate to that particular concept of God and what our relationship with God should be. I cant see anyone being able to accurately personify the trinity but just the effort to express the love, the relationship and also giving God (as an individual and as the trinity) a sense of humor and love and understanding for us humans really touched my heart. This is the Father/Son/Holy Spirit that I feel I can walk and talk with.

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Ann Marie I was not thrilled with this review may have been rough but it was how I felt...

I could not finish this. It had great reviews and I was excited but it was slow and then just stopped. I can not recommend this to anyone. I tried to read it, honest. I really wanted to enjoy it. I so need a good read.

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I wasn't expecting the "ride" it took me for.

You see, I've lived in that town right next to that lake. I've been to that state park, waded in the waters and explored that area during my teenage years. I could picture these scenes in perfect detail. I had no idea the book was set there. I had no idea the family in that book had gone camping there.

And the weekend I chose to read this book, my children just happened to be camping for the weekend with others. Those two things were a bit uncanny.

The book was written well. Some parts felt slow but the overall picture of it was beautiful. It was an interesting take on the work of God.

I would recommend reading this book as a book of fiction keeping in perspective this was just the author's viewpoint, like any other book.

And don't read it while your kids are away camping for the weekend.

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