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message 1: by MJ, Idiot's Top libriarian (new)

MJ | 1332 comments Mod
The story starts out with Minerva Dobbs (Min for short) is getting dumped by her boyfriend David in bar. His reason she is not taking their relationship seriously, explanation Min will not sleep with him. But Minerva is not that upset about being dump expect now she has to tell her mom that she has no date for her sisters wedding in 3 weeks. Enter Calvin Morrsiy the best looking guy in the bar or Min has ever seen. Her 2 best friends all but force her to go talk to him on her way over she hears David and Calvin making a bet. The bet is her. Calvin has to get Min into bed within a month. Calvin doesnot take the bet seriously but Min does not know this. David persists and Calvin bets that he can get her to go to dinner with him. Having overheard the bet about getting her into bed Min is mad. Who do those men think they are so she dishes out a little punishemnt of her own accept the gate and be a man hating witch though dinner. I can not imagine a better way to start a book. Although dinner is over Min and Calvin keep running into each other and Calvin makes more bets and excuses just so he can spent more time with Min. After some confusion about which Elvis is better, Pressley or Costello. 1 cranky cat, Krispy Kreme donuts(I will never look at Krispy Kreme donuts the same), 4 meddling friends and 2 sets of parents they might just fall in love and against the odds make this work.

I really enjoyed this book both Min and Calvin were great characters that were fun to read about. I found them to be wonderfully flawed as real people are but not so flawed you didnot want to read about them.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I loved this book - it made me go straight back to the library and get every other book they had by this author. This is still one of my favorites by her though. She's a great writer. Never a dull moment!

message 3: by MJ, Idiot's Top libriarian (new)

MJ | 1332 comments Mod
I am suprised you didnt like it Shaz

message 4: by Sherry (new)

Sherry I loved this book.I was already a fan but this was defiitely my favorite of hers.I loved the embracing yourself ideal.

message 5: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 103 comments I just read this for the Chick Lit book club and I really liked it. Fun characters, good dialog and great descriptions about shoes! My first by Cruise but I'll definitely check out more.

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Just a quick warning Joanie - some of her books have overlapping characters and I was disappointed that I read them out of order. Check the author's website for the book order. It didn't spoil too much, but had I read them in the right order, I would have understood the significance of some things and it would have made the book that much better.

message 7: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 103 comments Thanks for the tip Melissa!

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