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Sunday was bored and went to the gym.

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Sunny went back to her house and showered. Then she put on a mini skirt and matching tee shirt. She didn't know what shoes to wear with her outfit.

Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) Sasori was bored.

Tiani *The Writer* (TheNerdCenter) Suri streched as she rose from her weekend nap. She slipped on some slippers as she sulked to the kitchen to make a bowl of cerial, in her skull and crossbones pj's.

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Summer was walking outside towards the park with her twin little brothers.

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Sam walked up the bleachers waiting for her best friend to get out of football practice.

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Summer walked with her brothers towards the high school to the gym to play basketball.

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Tiani *The Writer* (TheNerdCenter) ((Lol, thanks)) After shoving all of the cerial into her mouth, Suri decided to take a walk to the park.

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Bailey leaned against the stage, her feet danging off as she stared up at the ceiling, trying to memorize her line.
"Hey, Bai, wanna go get some lunch with me and the others?" Porter called out to her as he grabbed his jacket.
"Sure," Bailey replied, sitting up and fixing her hair quickly.

Tiani *The Writer* (TheNerdCenter) Suri, after changing into some clothes, decided to take a walk. After a few minutes she spotted Courtney.

"Hey Courtney!!!!!!!" Suri called out.

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Summer walked into the gym with her brothers.

Tiani *The Writer* (TheNerdCenter) "Hows it going?" Suri asks Courtney as she sits next to her.

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♥♥katie♥♥ wrote: "((hey whos sams friend??))

Courtney texted Sam
"hey sup...lol its kinda fun watching hot guys practicing""

Sam checked her phone when she got back, and saw the message from Courtney.
"Hey, sorry i didnt have my phone on me, but haha yes it is fun watching guys practice"

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"Coolio, so whats up" Sam replied.

Tiani *The Writer* (TheNerdCenter) "Nothing much," Suri answers non-chalently as she takes a sip of the Full Throtle she picked up before she left her house.

Tiani *The Writer* (TheNerdCenter) "I dont know." Suri says as the sun beats on her skin like a drum. "Hey. You want to go to the pool?"

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Sam pulled her phoneout of her pocket, looked around and replied. "haha thats fun are you guys at the park or somehting"

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Porter and Bailey drove over to the diner and sat down.

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Sam waited for people to text her and headed to the school basketball court hoping Alex was there.

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Summer was shooting half court shots in the school basketball court, making most of them, while her brothers played with the volleyballs.

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Sam walked down the sidewalk and got a text from Alex saying "meet me at the basketball court"

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((who's alex?))

Summer shot another half court shot. She grabbed the ball and started dribbling it down the court.

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((im making his character right now))

Sam rushed to the basketball excited to see her boyfreind

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((o ok))

Summer ran down the court and jumped to make a dunk. She hung on the rim for a few seconds.

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Sam extered the gate to the basketball court and saw Summer hang on the rim. She ran over "Oh my gosh, dude that was awesome!"

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Summer smiled and jumped down. "Thanks," she said.

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Bailey waved goodbye to the rest of the theater troop and started walking. She walked past a basketball court.

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((shud summer know bailey and porter too?))

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((sure. Did u see my post on the charries page? Can Bailey like Alex, even though he likes Sam?))

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"Do you play on a team" she paused "Your really good" Sam told Summer.

Sam saw Alex xoming around the gate of the basketball court and got really excited.

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Alex pulled out a little box from his pocket and walkeded towards Sam.

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"Yeah, I do," Summer said. "And thanks." She blushed slightly, but smiled. She waved slightly at Bailey.

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"Hey i gotta go my boyfriends coming over here. but your really good."

Sam turned around and ran towards alex to give throw a hug at him.

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((sorry, wrong person. :P I'm smart))

Bailey saw Summer and waved back. Then she saw Sam hugging Alex. She liked Alex, but she knew he didn't like her back.

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Summer picked the basketball up again. "Hi Alex!" she called and smiled at him before she started dribbling again. She waved Bailey to come over.

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Bailey pulled her hair into a quick ponytail and walked over.
"Hey Summer!"

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"Hey Bailey," Summer said and shot a three-pointer. "Where's Porter? He's like always with you whenever I see you." She chuckled.

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Bailey smiled.
"He's like my brother, but he's back with some of the other people from our theater," she explained.

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She nodded. "Ah." One of her little brothers tossed her the ball. She caught it. "So what's up?" she asked Bailey, dribbling the ball.

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"Nothing much, we're doing A Very Potter Musical for our next performance, and I get to be Draco," Bailey said happily. "Draco's played by a girl in the original," she added.

((btw, A Very Potter Musical is on Youtube, it's by StarkidPotter, and it's actually not available for others to perform since they have a bunch of legal stuff to do. :( ))

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((lmao ok i'm watching the first act and WOW this is hilarious))

"Sweetness," Summer said, shooting another half court swish.

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((it is amazing!!))

"Yep. Porter is Ron, and he's glad because that means he gets to eat all the time," Bailey replied, smiling.

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((it is))

Summer chuckled. "That sounds like Porter."

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Bailey laughed with her, then let out a small squeal as she moved out of the way of a flying basketball.

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"Oops, heads," Summer said a little too late and laughed. "Sorry." She grabbed the basketball quickly.

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Bailey laughed along.
"No problem."

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"So what do you wanna do?" Summer said, making some free throws.

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"I think I'll just watch people play basketball," Bailey replied, sitting down on a bench.

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"Okay," Summer said and continued making free throws.

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Sunny was frustrated she still didn't know what shoes to wear with her outfit. She just put on flip flops and walked outside.

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