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Evolution and it's "missing links"

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Crystal Marie (skrutzbug) Hello Robert,
I have recently studied evolution and discovered that there are many "missing links" in this theory. I'm curious to why. Could you please tell me your explanation of why there are so many missing links? And could you please tell me if any of these missing links have been found, with credible evidence. Thanks!

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert (rgbatduke) | 253 comments Go to:

and read it. All of it, or as much as necessary. You might start with:

"Taxonomy, Transitional Forms, and the Fossil Record".

FWIW, this is the Association of Christian Geologists website and is written by Christians to explain to other Christians why Genesis is not supported by evidence. It points out how it significantly lowers the credibility of the Christian message of loving one another, forgiveness, and so on if it begins with a diatribe based on Original Sin that has been soundly and irrevocably falsified by evidence.

The short answer is that the fossil record is pretty much nothing but missing links that have been found. All forms are transitional forms. Evolution never "stops".

The other thing your course should point out (if it is a "real" course and not a course in "creation science", a. k. a. "making stuff up to try to make Genesis look credible") is that fossil formation is rare. We only have fossils of a tiny fraction of all the creatures that have ever lived. For a dying animal to be preserved as a fossil, things had to be "just right", and things were (and are now) usually NOT right for fossil formation.

Yesterday I briefly watched part of a silly TV show that was looking for "monsters" like bigfoot or skunk apes. One argument against them is that their bodies are never found. To indicate why that might be the "researchers" did a piece of very nice science. They staked our a fresh roadkill deer carcass with a digital camera directly overhead taking frames every ten minutes. They then compressed what they expected to be a month or more into a minute of play time as a "movie".

The deer swelled, "popped", and then "evaporated". Insects and animals simply made it vanish in less than seven days. At the end of that there were a handful of bones and they were vanishing as well as foxes were dragging them off and insects and rot went to work on them. That's the fate of 99.9999% of all living animals -- not even one in a million makes the big time as a fossil.

Anyway, read the articles. Not just the one on transitional forms, all of them. The evidence is overwhelming, and it isn't JUST the fact that fossils dovetail together amazingly well over hundreds of millions of years of rock strata. It is in part the fact that the rock strata can be reliably dated over a stretch several billion years old and they consistently dovetail together over that entire stretch of time.


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