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i like leafpool,squirrelflight,brambleclaw,ferncloud and firestar so sry..........

i do not like the others you said and scourge,blackstar,leopardstar

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i like thunderclan\

i lik tigerstar but since scourge killed him i hate scourge

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yeah true scourge did not last very long thought

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SpazzyJazzy Hawkfrost, Tigerstar, Scourge and... um... hmm...

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SpazzyJazzy Mistyfoot, probably. Oh and Stormfur and Feathertail

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yeah i love dem

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Jasmine wrote: "Mistyfoot, probably. Oh and Stormfur and Feathertail"

i love feathertail, i HATED when she died to save crowpaw from sharptooth!!!I almost cried.i can imagine the pain graystripe felt when he noticed she died and he lost stormfur to the tribe

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Me too,I mean they have nothing to do with the tribe.THEY BELONG WITH RIVER CLAN! oh........ and i like crowpaw too

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Megan | 633 comments i LOVE! firestar i know he,ll die soon though:(on and thornclaw i've always liked him

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Emily  | 124 comments I majorly dislike hollyleaf

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me too!

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Emily  | 124 comments She was so mean!

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Megan | 633 comments i dont like hollyleaf!to say the least

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Yeah,i can't belive she is interested with sol!he creeps me out!

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Emily  | 124 comments So that they could mix in a little unneeded drama I suppose.

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Emily  | 124 comments Precisely.

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i dont like sol,and that is that

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thank you!finnally,we dont agree on much warrior stuff these days

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My favorite character is Jayfeather, though i know many hate him. My least favorite would probably be ashfur. he is evil.

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Whitestar wrote: "Yeah,i can't belive she is interested with sol!he creeps me out!"

Hollyleaf only liked Sol because she had no power. She was jealous, and wanted to know what it was.

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Hazelstar (Mrs.Lautner) wrote: "Yellowstar wrote: "?"

What's confusing?"


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