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goethe's view about contented life

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Pinkpantheress | 1 comments There are nine requisites for contented life:Health enough to make work a pleasure.Wealth enough,to support your needs.Strength enough,to battle with difficulties and overcome them.Patience enough,to toil until some good is accomplished.Charity enough,to see some good in your neighbor.Love enough,to move you to be useful and helpful to others.Faith enough,to make real the things of God.Hope enough,to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.

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Daniel | 2 comments Goethe was relatively wealthy and was good friends with the ruler. His writings were a combination of the old German myths and what the people in power wanted the German people to believe. He wasn't much of a scientist.

Goethe wrote, in one of his many books, that the eye works by putting out feelers. One of his good friends had to tell him NO. Goethe didn't even know that Newton had already explained light.

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Héctor Licht, mehr Licht!

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