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Mickey I loved Cade! Super sensitive, alpha male all about satisfying his female - how much better can you write a hero than that?

 Danielle The Book Huntress No Kidding. That man was addictive to me. I loved imagining his Colonial English accent. He was totall yum. I thought I loved all the prior IAD guys but Cade just blew them away, even Nikolai!

Aubrianna Hunter Loved this book and loved Cade, but my favorite was his brother!!! The other Woede! She's an amazing author.

Komal I loved the Woede brothers as well especially because they contrasted each other so well. Cade was soooo hotttt in this one and I can't wait till holly delivers the babies :) I have a feeling ones gonna be a hellion and the other an angel

Keri Lake Cade is a great character, but I definitely like Rydstrom better :) Love the names too.

Ashley Smith I loved this book and the way that Cade and Holly fit so well together. Even though he's a slob and she's ocd. He is very hot sounding but I think that Murdoch from the Wroth brother is the best sounding one. But hey you can't fault Cade "The Womb Raider". This is one of my faviorite series and I just love Kresley Cole!!

Susana The only book that i still havent read of this series is Lothaire, and honestly, so far my favorite is this one, "Dark desires after dusk".

Matkomalimali1 Cadeon is amazing

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•♥•♥•Toni the Book Addict•♥•♥•™ I loved Cade... couldn't stand Holly. She never really grew on me. But still loved the book. Here is hoping we get one for Rok!

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K I've only read 8 books so far, but Cade is definitely my favorite of the series (followed very closely by Sebastian). I loved his sense of humor, insecurities, sensitivity, strength, and his sexy accent. His whole story was wonderful. Great book.

PS - I hate his brother. Kiss of a Demon King was definitely my least favorite book out of the series so far. Rydstrom isn't my least favorite hero of the series, but his book and Sabine were horrible.

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Rose Agreed, Cade was amazing and I did like Holly, particularly the scene near the beginning where she comes into her power and brings the pain. Can't wait to see what the baby is like. Kresley Cole is great. I know I can pick up a book by her and enjoy it.

Crystal Rose Soto I really love the MacRieve and Wroth clan. Hell I enjoyed reading about all the immortals

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