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(For people who have ONLY read Uglies) What do you think will happen to Tally in Pretties?

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Halley I think she will live, but when david comes to get her she will not want to have anything to do with him.

Lorena Walker I agree with Halley. I don't think she will want to change and will be resisitant when he comes back for her!

Anita I think Tally will survive the operation and enjoy life with Shay and Peris in NPT until David and Maddy come and convince her (using the note she wrote to her future self) to be 'cured.' After she is cured of the brain lesions, she will persuade Shay and/or Peris to take the cure and one of them will experience the pills' side effects and become vegetable-like. After she is cured, I think Tally will focus on telling as many uglies as possible the truth about turning pretty, and eventually they will have enough people on their side to actually fight the specials.

Brigid ✩ i know what happens! BWA HA HA HA!!! but i won't say anything. lol. ;D

Katrina I agree a lot with what Anita said. I think Tally with eventually get the treatment but only after some serious resistance. I'm not sure that she'll persuade Shay or Peris but I do think that she and the rest of the Smokies will turn a lot more pretties and combined with more ugly recruits, they will begin launching the war against the specials.

Lorena Walker I also think that they will launch a war against them-including new pretties in which they will the truth too.

Juliet Is anyone else tired of the word "bubbly"?

Melissa I was kinda done with the word "bubbly" by the end!

Maria B. Quagliana i think

Tahgi Hood i dont know what will happen but they way yall talkin im gonna read it. because at first i didnt want to

Maria B. Quagliana R U SERIOUS?! u shldve always wanted to. u cant just not read the rest of a series!!!!

Layla Grier Juliet wrote: "Is anyone else tired of the word "bubbly"?"

ha that is soo true and they say it alot more in the second book. i am only a little in and they used it like 10 times!

Maria B. Quagliana ik i just read the excerpt in the back of uglies and they alreadys said buubly a million times. and bogus a half million times

Layla Grier ya now half way(didnt read 4 a while) and already they use bubbly 100 million times and bogus 5 million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know they cant use any other words but still... if u have read the twilight books it is like the word shigrined being used 10 times a chapter...(i was exagerating a little) (sorry about my spelling)

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Megan wow the first couple are pretty accurate

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Eleanor C. Personally, I found this book incredibly uninteresting. If I could write Pretties, I would include machine guns, ninjas, Doctor Who, lightsabers, and aliens.

JazzyCat I can't read pretties. it was too brainless and annoying.

Brianna Ti Amo ♥breathe me♥ wrote: "I can't read pretties. it was too brainless and annoying."

Pretties was not brainless and annoying. It was Tally's fight against bubbleheadedness. The pretties is us, you know. It's not the Pretties you find brainless, you find our teenagers, and youth, and reality television, and Paris Hilton brainless.

Kristen I kinda agree, some things were fairly obnoxious. The lingo mostly. Pretties, Uglies, Littlies, Smokies. I'm kinda shocked he didn't call them Specialies. And then there were the town names and the fact that older people were just middle pretties or old uglies.
I found it all very bland and unimaginative. Couldn't he have come up with some names a five-year old couldn't think of?

And now going into the second book - about 3 chapters in, I think - already the "making" is grating on my nerves. Pretty-making, bubbly-making, crazy-making. And I'm really not thrilled about everything being "bubbly", but I guess that's at least a little more creative and I can live with it.
But, I'm sorry, "Bogus"? What year is this supposed to be? 1982? lol

Oh, and as far as what will happen: I think Tally won't want to be cured because like Shay she just wants to be blissfully "bubbly", but I think she won't be able to get it out of her head either and will wind up doing it voluntarily before trying to cure other pretties.
And I see a love triangle between her, David, and either Peris or Zane. I'm not sure which yet.

And of course, later on, she'll bring down the whole system with a band of rebels. Isn't that always the eventual end with these series? ;)

Pinky I think the same thing as Halley.

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I think that Tally and Shay will have lots of friends but David will come and ether get caught of Tally will refuse but when Tally dose ( witch could be like in the middle of the book for all i know) she will realize it worked and try to get some pretties to turn normal or ugly or whatever.

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sorry about my spelling

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