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Jen.d. | 6 comments I missed the Discussion!!!!! Oh no! I was on vacation and forgot. I thought it was on the 30th. What was I thinking. I really love talking about food and eating it with cool people.


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Mark | 4 comments Darn: Jennifer and I thought it was on the 30th too. If anyone missed the talk and would like to meet tonight and discuss anyway, let me know

message 3: by Jen.d. (last edited Apr 01, 2010 06:08PM) (new)

Jen.d. | 6 comments I am glad I'm not alone, but I already have other plans tonight.

I liked the book. I listened to on audio. While I agree with most of this ideas, I felt he was overkill on certain points. Listening to it, I felt as if I heard the phrase "Omega-3 fatty acid" a bizillion times.

I would have also liked to have heard more about diets in other countries and their cultural contexts. The times he mentioned Italian, French or "native" diets was only briefly and usually only in comparison to the "Western diet."

Overall, "In Defense of Food" got a good, but not great rating from me.

And since listening to this book, I've been on a quest to find real bread. So far: Organic Bread at Jenifer Street Market in Madison, Wis., was the only loaf I've found with all recognizable ingredients.

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