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Jacob and the werewolfs are the best part of the book!!!

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A lot of you are saying that Jacob is trying to take Bella from Edward, but he's too awesome for her anyway! She's an idiot! I hate Bella Swan and Edward Cullen!!!

Naomi yeah thats exactly right! those two need to get out of the story and yes i know the story is about them but their gay so who cares? the werewolfs are awesome!

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Someone please explain to me, why you think that Jacob and Bella is better than Bella and Edward?

Naomi I dont i hate bella period and edward

i think that jacob is better off with out her!

Vettech2124 jacob is a dushbag and he is merely an accessory to the story! if anything i think he shld be taken out! edward is awesome!

Ruby i agree with Callie and Vettech2124, what is so amazing about jacob? hes an idiot.

Naomi no he's not he's the only one with a sense of humor and brings something intersestin to the stories.

edward is an overprotective jerk and his realationship with bella is just obsession

Jacob is way too good for bella and i think he should just forget about her all she's doing is braking his heart by telling him she loves him

i hate edward and bella they're gay fags

Ruby ok whats so bad about edward, just because he doesnt want bella destroyed that makes him a jerk? what kind of logic is that?

Naomi no he's a jerk to jacob and he's too "perfect"

who would want someone who doesnt have flaws? I mean wouldn't she rather be with someone who's not perfect?

besides he's not just protective he's over protective! i mean for god sake her took out her car engine just so she couldn't go to la push he's trying to controll her life and i hate him!

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Ruby what? edwards perfect? o yeah, he wants to kill her every second he's with her, o thats perfection is it? his lapse in self control, that's perfection too im guessing? ok so yeah he took out her trucks engine i agree that was a little...well ok yeah that was wrong...but didnt he justify why he did that and then he made up for it later by letting her hang out with jacob whenever she wanted!

Vettech2124 okay, Naomi, i dont think you need to call them "gay fags" let's keep this at a mature level... you have the right to hate edward and bella and i/we have a right to disagree... but Ruby is right... edward is perfect is his own ways but he also has very obvious flaws... 1) (as Ruby has already mentioned) he wants to kill her every second he's around her and has to be extremely cautious in order to not accidently kill Bella. 2) he drinks blood..enough said... 3) he's freezing cold! he cant be there the way jacob can (grrr that angers me!) so anyways back to my point...perfection should be when one person can do anything and everything and has nothing wrong with him/her, this case him and im pretty sure we can agree edward is not perfect he just appears to be...

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Naomi well i'm sick of bella acting like he can do no wrong

she said herself in eclipse that edward was always forgiven no matter what right away but she's giving jacob a hard time because he cares about her so much that he doesnt want her to become vampire

and Vetech2124 you're the one calling jake a dushbag so who needs to keep it at a mature level?

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Ruby ok Naomi i c ur point, yeah that did get a little annoying but has edward ever done anything to prove bella wrong? has he ever done something that cant be forgiven? and as far as jacob goes, u know what, he may care about her but he needs to accept the fact that she loves edward (more than jacob) and stop forcing himself on her! thats what gets me.

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Naomi has jacob ever done anything "unforgivable"?

you guys are just brainwashed people in love with gay edward


oh and bella too!

but i can except ur opinions they just anger me

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Naomi and by the way edward got over the whole blood thirsty crap in the first book. I'm not just talking about twilight

very well then

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Ruby in my opinion yeah jakes done stuff that is considered unforgivable and if you remember Edward didnt get over that completly until Eclipse, but watev- thats what you think and i cant change that..can just i ask you one thing? the extent i'll go to is call jake an idiot nothing more so do you really have call like every main character a gay fag?

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I think Edward and Bella are awesome. Jake is more of a realistic teenager, other than him being a werewolf, but I like Edward more. THIS IS A HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE!!!! People who say 'oh, Edward is way too perfect' and then start complaining about all his flaws. (controlling, ect.) Doesn't that seem just a bit contradictory? Edward is his own person, he has his own personality, we all have flaws and he just seems so perfect because he's a vampire. They're meant to be attractive to their prey (humans, us.)We can't blame Bella, it IS how humans are supposed to react around vampires, except usually such facination only lasts a few seconds before the vampire acts. With Bella, this infatuation has been allowed to grow, after all, Edward didn't kill her.

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Ruby i agree jacob is the most realitic character but... i still like edward better

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Naomi okay ruth i dont think he's perfect! I hate that bella acts like he is

ps to ruth i love ur name it's my middle name haha sorry for randomness

ruby yeah i do have to call all of them gay fags and i'll stop when they stop acting like ones

EDWARD MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ö

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Ruby omg they're fictional characters!!! they don't act period!!!! and if hate them so much stop reading the friggin books!!!

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Ha ha...i completly forgot about this conversation....i'm sorry, I know i started it, but just forgot...

A lot has been said and...I really dissagree with most of you...but that's alright! ^^

Well, first of all, Callie, your right, Bella and Jacob make a horrible couple and I would hate to see them together! That's just...not right...I do think that Edward and Bella should be together, I just don't them. At all. Secondlly, Jakes not a dushbag... I love'em!...Third, Jacob's amazing(using this word, even though I hate it!) because he's so funny and sweet and he's just...AMAZING! Next, or fourth, whatever, Vettech 2124, We all should keep this at a mature level, because we're talking about a book! Seriously people, not something to shout about...Fifth, yes, Naomi, bella acting like Edward can "do no wrong" is quite on the anoiying side. He could kill her whenever he wanted to (not that he would) and she still wouldn't even be mad at him. And lastly (sorry for the ranting) can't we all be nice!? Oh, and I want to talk about how great the Werewolfs are! i love them! Yes, the vampires are pretty dang awesome too, but so are the wolves! Come on, now!♥

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Ha! Savannah, you seem really eager for her to become a vampire. well, I kinda am too! I just want to see what powers she'll have!

do you like quil and embry? I'm not sure why, but I love those two also! They're awesome! But Jake's my favorite!♥

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Well, I've heard that Jake's gonna die! Isn't that horrible?! Well, I think it's quite possible, but if it happens I'll never read another stephanie meyer book ever again!

I also think that Bella will become a vampire in this one and that her and Edward will get married. If Jacob doesn't die, then he'll probably imprint on some girl that shows up. But, I just hope he lives and gets over bella, cause she's just hurting him! A lot!

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Ha ha! Yep! I bet she would feel better, but I really don't care. I honestly think that she deserves to feel guilty for hurting him! I'm not usually cruel, but listen. If she knew Jake was in love with her and told him she loved him too, but she was with Edward and that wasn't going to change, then she deserves to feel ashamed! She should be ashamed! She was so selfish as to use him when she needed him, but now that he feels he needs her, she's all, "I'm with Edward! And if he feels like I shouldn't be around you then I won't!" She didn't actually say that of course, but that's how she acted and that hurt Jake a lot! I know you were agreeing with me, but I tend to take things way too seriously! Sorry! ^^"

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Naomi Hannah *cough* sister *cough* You're totally right, I never really thought of it in that exact point of view but you really showed me even more about what bella did to Jake

Okay this is to Ruby, I love these books and you dont have to like the main characters to like a book, so yeah, screw you.

And sis, why are you calling me by name, you never do so stop it.

to everyone else, sis is Hannah, my twin who's ashamed to call me her sister. Lol :P

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You're twins! That's awesome, 'cause GUESS WHAT!? I'm a twin too. :)

((this is totally random, I know))

Danae So I have read all three books, and I really liked Edward at first. And I still like him. I didn't like Jacob in the second one, or the werewolves, but they had grown on me in this last one. I'm still a Edward fan though. Sorry!

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Don't apologize! We all have our opinions, so, don't apologize!!

Ruth, that's awesome! My sister, Naomi, duh, her middle name is Ruth! Cool, huh?!

Sis, i'm not ashamed of you, so shut up!

Also, Danae, I felt the same way kinda, but I just don't like Edward anymore. But it's alright that you do!!!♥

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Naomi Ruth I love it! Lol

Danae, I was like that too, about the whole edward thing except i don't like him now and it's cool that you do , so dont sweat it!♥

Megan Naomi wrote: "yeah thats exactly right! those two need to get out of the story and yes i know the story is about them but their gay so who cares? the werewolfs are awesome!"


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Emma New moon sucks, i like the werewolves, but ihate the book. :''( sorry

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deleted user wrote: "I hate Bella Swan and Edward Cullen!!!"
So do I.

Miniwriter12 Edward and Bella suck. Bella doesn't deserve Jacob. AT ALL.
He's the best part of the whole series!

Bella: Whiny, stupid, suicidal, selfish, ungrateful, doesn't deserve ANYONE, and she follows Edward EVERYWHERE! And if he's not there, she uses Jacob. She absolutely NEEDS him. And when she sees Edward, she's like, "Who's Jacob?" Uggh. Why does she want Edward when she can have Jacob?!
Edward: Boring, too protective, GROSS (Eew, he drinks blood), smelly (smells like blood), UGLY (Especially in the movie- sorry fans of Robert! My opinion only!), what does he see in Bella?

JACOB: Fun/funny, tall, werewolf (yayy!), nice, HAS AN AWESOME 8-PACK, hot, normal, and he's just awesome. LOVELOVELOVE JACOB!! <3

Becca Nyx Honestly I felt that Bella and Edward were perfect for each other. Edward=Pompus twit who looks like death

Bella=insecure, practically non responsive, unemotional, lead character.

I never understood how and why Jacob and Bella, but that just me.

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Emma Bella doesn't smile, and Edward was an idiot. I didn't like the second or the third. Bella doesn't deserved no one. She always think she is on top, needs everything, like being a vampire. She doesn't choose Jacob, I think both r idiot's, no offense to who likes Twilight.

NightFury we all have different points of view of edward and jacob and we could share them with out hate for each others opinions .
some people like jacob
some people like edward
and some people like bella
we shouldnt judge anyones"s opinons of each characters
i think jacb was meant for renesmee and edward for bella that"s my opinon (no hate plz ) it's just my opinon

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