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Ellie went in and put her armor on. "This is gonna be tough."

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Andrew smiled. "My second best is with a spear."

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"I've never speared," Ellie took a spear and twirled it around. "It's much lighter then a sword."

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"Yep. Whats you're best?" andrew asked.

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"I thought it was sword, but now I'm not so sure," Ellie said with a grin. "And you?"

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"Archery. Then comes spears, then swords." Andrew explained.

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"Hmm, now I feel like I need a lot more practice," Ellie smiled, "But that's fine with me if you're the teacher."

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Andrew grinned. "Escpecially when I beat you in sword fighting." He out his mask on. "Shall we start?"

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"What am I supposed to do?" Ellie looked down blankly at the spear. "Throw it?"

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"If you want to. Or you can run and ram your oponent. Its like fighting with sstick. Just do what your reflexis tell you to. Its also the same from the sword apart from the point that you dont slash. Its like a foil in fencing." Andrew added helfully/\.

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"Oh, okay." Ellie eyed her weapon. "You make the first move."

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Andrew inched towards her, his spear outstretched. He shot his arm forward.

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Ellie spun around, dodging it and stopped behind him. She rammed the spear into his back armor, but gently so the spear didn't snap.

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Andrew steppted forward and turned around. "Good job. Lets fight again. This time, you go first."

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His breath hit Ellie's face. "Did you go on a mint frenzy at lunch?" she asked as she positioned herself.

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"Yes." Andrew blushed.

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Ellie cocked her head, "It's okay, I eat mints after meals all the time."

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Andrew smiled. "go!"

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Ellie shrugged and ran at him. She headed to his left, then swerved quickly to the right. She jabbed her spear at his unprotected side.

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He locked his spear with hers and pushed her to the side. He then pointed he spear at her neck.

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Ellie sighed. "Not again!" she grinned.

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Andrew laughed and lowered his spear. "My advantage is that my spear is longer and so is my arm. If I did that to you, and then you tried raising your spear, you wouldnt reach me. You would have to step forward, right into my spear. lets see you do that."

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"What commit suicide?" Ellie joked. She got ready again.

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"no! We're gonna pretend that you have the adavantage!" Andrew snapped.

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"I'm sorry," Ellie looked up at him with apologetic and shocked eyes. She did the same thing Andrew did move for move, but with a bit of trouble. She held her spear at his throat. "Was that okay?" she asked bleakly. Why did he snap at her? She was only joking, maybe what happened at the lake meant nothing to him.

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"Its ok. It was my fault. I shouldnt have snapped at you. That was great! Lets take a break."

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"It's fine, and I need some water. What about you?" Ellie took her armor off and pushed her hair back.

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"Yea, thanks." Andrew said, taking off his mask. His face was sweaty. He took a clean towl and wiped his face. Off came the armor soon which was put in his sports bag. He turned his spear back into a pen and put it in his pocket.

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"I have some water in my cabin, and I need to put this armor away too. I'll meet at your cabin with some water," Ellie kissed his cheek and headed to her cabin.

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"Ok." Andrew said absentmindly. "Fly!" he whispered and he started to fly towards his own cabin.

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Ellie washed her face quickly then grabbed to water bottles. She put her stuff away and headed to the Hermes cabin.

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