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Kayla won the run ,"Ha! I win anyway time to take my sword out." She took her pen and un capped it making her pen a sword and her cap a sheild.

Percy looked at his sister, "Let's go visit Andrew and Ellie,"

Kayla looked at him like he is nuts, "I rather go to the infirmary and get a medicine for you."

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Kayla and Percy began to battle And when Kayl was practicing she was about to hit Percy with the sword but she twisted her a kle on doing a move, "Ow! My ankle hurts, I can't stand up!" she yelled.

Percy went to Kayla and helped her walk down to the infirmary, Kayla limped to the infirmary.

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Kayla Henna and Lydia walked up together. They each picked up a random weapon and began to think up moves they could use.

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