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Doreen Hey!
Thanks for writing this book! Your writing style is fun and honest. Having come of age in the seventies, I enjoyed how your story took me back to younger, wilder, more carefree days. People over 50 should read your book. I find that sometimes the older people get, the less able they are to accept and encourage the adventures of the young. I had a lot of craziness and experiences under my bell bottom holding, hip-hugging belt before I 'settled down' and became responsible. Your book is also a reminder...never be too grown up and responsible that being spontaneous and adventuresome becomes a thing of the past. It's also encouraging for those newly graduated from college or high school. It shows that not everyone has the same course in life to follow. Living outside the norm, the usual, the acceptable, can offer life experience that is beneficial, priceless! And, getting distracted with drugs and/or alcohol along the way, does not destine a person to a life lacking achievement and satisfaction. We all live at our own pace, with our won requirements and our own set of rules. You parlayed yours into a wonderfully, delightful story, and I thank you.

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