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Michael Mcandrew | 12 comments bullying:

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Michael Mcandrew | 12 comments My award will be called “underdog rises award.” My award will be given to the author for the best children’s book representing a character that rises above all that is expected to conquer his or her inner goal. Editor Susan Lehr addresses such topics in her book battling dragons. She discusses censorship, gender stereo-types, the struggle for freedom and equality, multiculturalism, ethical heroes,and violence. These are all part of everday life so i feel that book that is true to life addresses these topics. Bullying can be a huge aspect that a underdog has to rise above. The genre that I would like to use is fictitious adventure books that don’t rely on illustrations. I think that illustrations hinder the ability to be creative and image the setting and characters. I chose this award because adventure books give children a chance to think outside of the box and use their imagination; they are also my favorite books to read. I would like books that are nominated to be in the fifth grade range to the eighth grade range. Nominations should be posted no later than Thursday March 24, 2010

message 3: by Heidi (new)

Heidi | 10 comments My nomination for the "Underdog Rises Award" will be Traction Man meets Turbodog by Mini Grey. This is a great book for this award because it contains adventure as well as conquering a goal. Traction man looses his best friend Scrubbing Brush while climbing up Mt. Compost Heap. So in his place, Traction Man is given Turbo Dog as a new best friend. In the end, after an exciting adventure, Traction Man finds Scrubbing Brush.

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Mallori | 10 comments Nomination for Mike: The Recess Queen by Alexis O"Neill

The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill tells a story of a little girl nick-named Mean Jean. At the start of recess, she rules her class and makes them wait to play with anything until she plays with them first. This is a perfect book to depict bullying because it explains how she pushes and hits and beats her classmates up. Self-esteem issues can also cause bullying and I feel that this concept really shows in this book because Mean Jean seems very surprised when Katie Sue says that she wants to play with her. Bullying can be a huge issue in schools and if they are address through books such as this one, it may help bullies and other students see how they can deal with these situations.

message 5: by Andrew (last edited Mar 25, 2010 05:58AM) (new)

Andrew | 11 comments Nomination for Mike: "Bully" by Judith Caseley

The bully and his victim get sympathy in this picture book. When Mickey's friend Jack turns into a bully, grabbing Mickey's cookies, tripping him in the lunchroom, and throwing Mickey's cap across the school bus, Mickey discusses it at home. Use brave words, Papa says. Try being nice to him, Mama says. It turns out that Jack is angry and hurt because he's feeling displaced by his baby sister. Mickey makes Jack laugh and they make up and become friends again. The solution is much too easy, of course, as every child will recognize, but the story does open up issues for discussion. Caseley's pictures in watercolor, colored pencil, and black pen show the various scenarios in the park, the school, and at home, and the hurt and anger between friends and enemies. (Thanks Amazon.com!)

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Kristin | 11 comments Nomination for Mike: "The Frog Princess" retold by Elizabeth Isele. In this picture book, a wise princess who has taken the shape of a frog becomes the wife of a czar's son. She is the underdog in this story. Everyone believes that she is a worthless frog but she rises above and proves them wrong through her resourcefulness and wisdom.

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Jayme | 14 comments My nomination for Mike is "Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon" by Patty Lovell. The story is about a young girl who looks different from everyone else and often gets picked on. There is a bully in the story who picks on Molly several times and she has to deal with his tormenting every day. In the end, the bully and Molly find a common ground and become friends.

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Typhani (tjr0416) | 20 comments Nomination for Mike: "A Weekend with Wendell" by Kevin Henkes. This book is about a boy named Wendell who spends the weekend at Sophie's house. As the two kids play, Sophie doesn't get to play anything nearly as fun as Wendell. For instance, while playing house, Wendell was the mother, the father, AND the children. Sophie was the dog. Sophie is bullied the whole weekend and cannot wait until Wendell leaves. He shines his flashlight in Sophie's eyes when she tries to sleep, and gave her a new hairdo with shaving cream. I chose this book because Sophie ended up being the "underdog who rises" because she won a day of Wendell being quiet and having her way for a change.

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Stephanie Delvecchio | 10 comments My nomination for Mike is "Mean, Mean Maureen Green" by Judy Cox. Lilley is a third grade girl who is scared to learn that Maureen, the bully, is going to be riding her bus. Lilley dreads the day that she has to ride the bus with Maureen, and when her friend Adam played a trick on Maureen, she did everything she could to avoid riding the bus. By the end of the story, with the help of Adam and her father, Lilley found the courage to stand up to Maureen. I think this would be a perfect book for this award because Lilley rises above her fears and above the bully.

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Brooke | 10 comments My nomination for Mike is "Bystander" by James Preller. This is a perfect book for upper-elementary/ middle school readers that has a no-tolerance stance on bullying. The situations in this book are easy for readers to relate to and will surely spark a lot of discussion. Eric, the new kid at school (underdog), rises above all expectations to create a solution to the bullying problem at his new school.

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Michael Mcandrew | 12 comments The winner of the underdog award was Heidi's nomination Traction Man meets Turbodog by Mini Grey

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