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What steinbeck books are under your belt?

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message 1: by Leanne (new)

Leanne | 17 comments I was just kinda wondering what books everyone has read and which you loved and disliked. I will go first...

Cup of Gold
The Pastures of Heaven
To A God Unknown
Tortilla Flat
In Dubious Battle
Of Mice and Men
The Red Pony
The Long Valley
The Grapes of Wrath
The Moon is Down
Cannery Row
The Pearl
The Wayward Bus
East of Eden
Sweet Thursday
The Winter of Our Discontent
Travels With Charley
America and Americans

As of right now I am not striving to read his speeches and journal novels.

And so I disliked only two, In Dubious Battle and America and Americans. I really disliked America and Americans because it was an opinion piece, and even though I agree with a lot of his points, this book was just a hard one for me to finish!

I loved East of Eden of course.....and I also loved To a God Unknown, Cannery Row (another no brainer!), and pretty much all of his short stories!

I am waiting to hear from all of you!

message 2: by Pandora (new)

Pandora  | 42 comments I have read:

Cup of Gold - Didn't like. Felt it was too off his style see post.

To a God Unknow - I can see it is a good book but, it wasn't my cup of tea.

Tortilla Flat - Okey for me. Just didn't find it that funny.

In Dubious Battle - Just finished it. I liked it. Not one of my favorites but, I thought it was a good book.

The Grapes of Wrath - a classic of course.

The Moon is Down - My second favorite of his. Very powerful.

East of Eden - My favorite of his. So many great quotes.

Cannery Row - Difficulty here was I own two cats.

The Pearl - Forced to read it in 7th grade. Remember not likeing it. it was this experience that kept me away from Steinbeck. Finally though I picked up East of Eden and got hooked. My sister though still keeps away from Steinbeck becasue of The Pearl.

The Wayward Bus - I perfer plot to character studies but, it was okey book.

The Winter of Our Discontent - I enjoyed this book once I got use to the narration.

Of Mice and Men - Good book.

Eternaldisturbance | 9 comments My favorite-"Moon is down".
Loved Tortilla Flat,Cannery Row,East of Eden (who doesn't?),Grapes of Wrath,Of Mice and Men (very good-saw a clip from the latest movie on this, and didnt like that though).
"The log from the Sea of Cortez" is a delightful read-amusing at times, thought-provoking in places, and so is The Short reign of Pippin IV.
In Dubious Battle, well it was good.
Some pieces in "Once there was a war" were awesome, and that one figures on my "loved-those" list too.

As a said, when it comes to Steinbeck, I find it hard to be objective :) But everything i said is true.

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