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Ellie walked in, the light fox leading the way. She spotted Andrew and was about to say hi, until she saw Jack too. This is awkward. The light fox walked up to Andrew, following him like a shadow.

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Andrew turned around. "Oh, hello. I was just telling Jack to lay off my girlfriend." ANdrew said smiling. Jack started stutering.

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Ellie couldn't help but grin. "I'm flattered Jack really, but I like Andrew."

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"You shouldnt." Jack mumvled a whispere so no one could hear. "Whats that, Jack? Didnt catch that." Andrew said, smiling.

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Ellie faced. "Um, what?"

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"You shoudlnt." Jack replied. Andrew laughed.

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Ellie sighed. "Maybe I shouldn't, but I do and I think I should."

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Andrew laughed again. "Or how bout we fight for it?" Andrwe said, with a gleam in his eye.

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"Oh, god no!" Ellie argued.

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"Ok then." Andrew said, the gleam still there. Jack was just standing ther, paralized.

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Ellie walked over to Jack. "I'm really sorry, but why like me?"

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"Um... I have my reasons." Jack said, standing straight.

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"Well..." Elli stood there. "I think you guys should talk this out."

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"Bah! Its setteled. This jerk wont touch you. Or else it wont be pleasant." Andrew said.

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Ellie winced. "Jack, you should go."

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Jack trotted out of the place.
"So..." Andrew said.

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"You could have been a little nicer," Ellie began.

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ANdrew raised an eyebrow. "Nicer? How? That jerk freaking kissed my girfriend!"

((awww.. be back soon!))

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"I'm sorry! He just looked freaked out," Ellie said.

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"Should be." Andrew replied.

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"Then he should stop," Ellie continued. She walked over to him, "I really don't get why you guys care for me so much."

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Andrew looked at her as if she was crazy. "Well, I told you... so..."

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"But, I'm not that great," Ellie said, doubting herself.

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Andrew laughed out loud. "Exactly what tht dude said, as he rushed into World War 2, makeing them win."

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Ellie laughed. "Okay, okay. I get it."


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"Finally." Andrew said smiling.

((awwwwwwwwwwww.... be back soon!))

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"Finally." Andrew said smiling.

((awwwwwwwwwwww.... be back soon!))

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"But, that's not how World War 2 actually ended...." Ellie started to talk in depth about it, after all she was Apollo's daughter.

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"Yea, well he went in and busted alot of heads." Andrew said.

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((lol, nice))
"Not really. Adolf Hitler committed suicide and Benito Mussolini got overthrown by his people...." Ellie kept talking.

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"Oh, save me from suicide and be quite." ANdrew yawned.

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Ellie's eyes turned amber. "Fine," she huffed, that's what her teachers and uncle always said.

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"Come on, what do you want to do?"

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"I dunno. Do you want to try the wall-climbing? Personally I think I'll do better than you, but you can try," Ellie teased, grinning.

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"Sure. You have to be better then me at something." Andrew smiled.

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"I"m already smarter than you." Ellie protested, "And I don't think you can sing either."

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"You're the child of the god of music." Andrew pointed out.

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"But I thought Apollo was god of the Sun," Ellie asked, her eyes clouding. "Anyway I can still beat you." She walked out of the hot, stuffy place.

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"He is. But also the god of prophecies, music, healing and like another million stuff." ANdrew replied.

((aww man! dont go!!! bye!))

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"That's why I'm smarter than you," Ellie mocked.

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"Im more like a mixture of both Hermes and Athena-- Im cunning but I also make stratagies." Andrwe pointed out, taking her hand.

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"Fair enough, let's go." Ellie walked out, the light fox still following them.

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"Fox!" Andrew said, opening his hand. tHE fox leaped into it and dissapeared. "Cool. Can you teach me how to bring it back out?"

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Ellie smiled. "If you were Apollo's son I could."

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`Damn it!" he sweared.

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"Let me try something," Ellie said, ignoring what she found bad language. Ellie conjured another fox, then a weasel. The fox followed the weasel everywhere, like a lovesick puppy. Ellie laughed then raised an eyebrow, "Interesting."

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Andrew blushed. `Very, huhÉ`.

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Ellie saved him from the embarrassment and made the weasel follow the fox, but she controlled it with the slightest move of her hands.

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`Woah! Thats cool! To bad i dont have any powers like that.`he grumblewd.

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