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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments Chapter 7
Jim and I have been given orders to attack when the sun goes down and there is proof of Sam in the school area. We are prepared. I can’t create the water, but I can manipulate it. So, Caine so kindly positioned me by the fire station.
We, as a group, had decided to attack on Sam’s birthday. Caine believes it will add dramatic effect. It may, but that’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried about making sure I kill Sam Temple. Caine and the others spent the entire week drilling Jim and I with exercises to master our abilities. Caine seemed genuinely impressed, but I could tell that beneath that phony smile, he was scared of us.
Diana was in charge of armor. At least that’s what Cained calls it. We’re each dressed in a black sweater with matching sweatpants. There’s dirt on our faces, and for a final touch, Caine equipped us each with pocket knives. We’re heading out.
There were several vans waiting for us. Jim and I get into one on the far left, along with Bug. A Coates kid who I’d never really recognized before is driving our van, and he has no idea what he’s doing. I show him how to take it out of reverse, and that definitely helps our progress. The other cars are already on the road, so we try to catch up.
“So, are you guys, like mutants or something?” the kid asks.
“Something like that,” I reply, with a little grin on my face. The driver keeps trying to start conversations with me, but he soon realizes that I have other things on my mind.
Jim has been silent for most of the car ride, so I was surprised when he spoke up. “Ned, I’m not so sure this is the best idea. I mean, I know Sam killed your sister and everything, but we don’t stand a chance. And besides, we’re doing this for the wrong reason.”
“He killed my sister, Jim. He deserves to die.” There’s a long pause.
“Okay, Ned. But just know that I refuse to be the one to kill Sam Temple. I’m only doing this for you. No other reason. Just remember that.”
“I will Jim. I promise.”
With that note, the car stops right outside of the town. It’s already nighttime, and I can almost feel the anxiety in Perdido beach. They’re waiting for it. They expect it.
“Sam’s at the school. Are you ready?”
“Ready. Let’s just get this thing over with,” I say.
We start sprinting full speed at the town. The folks in Perdido beach were prepared. There were many kids in the town square, wearing whatever they could find to use as a weapon, or armor. We were outnumbered, but definitely better fighters. Charging at the wall of kids, I spot a giant blur of yellow moving to my left. Giant amounts of wolf-sized coyotes are also running at the kids. The two armies collide. A kid with an empty beer bottle tries to knock my head but I end up getting his legs and taking him down. Jim’s over to my left, doing absolutely marvelous amounts of damage. He seems to have a form of an electrical force field around him, and he’s blasting electricity all over the kids. They fall before they even get to him. Meanwhile, I spot Sam in the distance, by the firehouse. Perfect.
What’s even more perfect about it, is that Sam lives in the firehouse, so his home is about to become his own worst nightmare. I’ve mastered the ability to reach out with my powers to large distances. So while I’m about 50 yards from the fire house, I explode the fire hydrant. Beautiful, crystal clear water explodes onto the street and keeps spraying. I catch it in midair and throw it at Sam. He doesn’t see it. He keeps moving, but right past me, right into the battle, eyes set on Caine. Out of nowhere, Orc, a giant bully, comes running at me. I use a new trick Caine taught me, and swirl the water around with my hands, then slowly push my hands outwards to my opponent. After that, I continue swirling it until it completely envelopes Orc. I hold it, I keep holding it. Sweat dripping down my long, black bangs and into my eyes. Take mental breaks, I remember Caine telling me. I see Orc start to panic a little, and release him. He collapses onto the ground.
I spot several of kids dressed in camo check me out, then surround me. I try the move Jim did earlier. I make a bowl with my hands, and then begin to cup them together, causing a giant sphere of gushing water to engulf me.
They charge at the water, but it just shoots them back twice as strong as they hit it. Here comes the difficult part. Put the shield on hold, on one side of your brain, while on the other, open a new window. I do just that, I keep the force field up, while outside of it, I force the hydrant’s water to throw itself at the enemies stronger than a fire hose. I hear a cheer coming from behind. I know that cheer. Riley.
Riley has a desert eagle gun in his hand. I don’t know how, but he does. I drop the shield, but then catch the excess water and project it at Riley. Riley shoots. Excruciating pain in my left leg. He fires again. My left shoulder. By now I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. Jim looks over, and then starts charging at Riley. But he’s too late. One last shot. Dead.

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I love how all of the endings of your chapters have cliffhangers! I think this one was my favorite out of the 6 other chapters, mainly because there is fighting and you're a great writer, so it just adds all more to the epicness of the story, haha.
Keep writing, I mean it!

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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments thanks. but this was the final chapter...of part 1. im taking a break, then starting on part 2, starring Jim, then part 3, starring Riley

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Ah, I see.

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Danyon (evergrand) | 17 comments Wow. again another awesome job... i'm bored of repeating the same thing over and over. lol. i agree the action makes it even better. i can't wait for part 2! it's gonna be sweet!!!!

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Luke (lukefayz) | 94 comments hahahaha thanks

Dan Dan Dan DAN Dan Dan Dan. (dan_nlolz) awesome with a capital AWESOME!

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