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Job((singer , actor, ..ect.)):

☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 58 comments Skyler (sky) Kings
Is very cool acting and talks when neccesary. He rarely ever smiles and when he does it would make anyone faint.
anime boy
Crush: Open
Other: Lives on his own of course. He loves what he does and it is one of the few things he loves in life.
Job: Singer/actor

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Name: Kendall Laurence
age: 20
gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, Funny, Happy, Rarely has a temper but when she does it's pretty bad, Respectful, Focused, Caring
crush: Skyler(sky) Kings?
Other: Reallllyyyy Beautiful singer. Justin's Best Friend
Job: Singer and Actress

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Can Kendall like Skyler?

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Name: Anna Marie Smith
age: 18
gender: F
Personality: humble, outgoing, crazy, funny, lovable, loves to party and have fun
crush: James
Other: loves acting in Shakespeare plays, especially Romeo and Juliet. Is a phenomenal actress and singer, does hip hop dancing.
Job((singer , actor, ..ect.)): singer, actress, and dancer

☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 58 comments sure ^.^

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Name: Megan
age: 19
gender: F
Personality: revealed in RP
crush: open
Other: close friends with Anna Marie
Job((singer , actor, ..ect.)): actress

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Name: Adam
age: 19
gender: M
Personality: badass, smart ass, delinquent, loves to party, flirty
Looks: [image error]
crush: (will be) Eden
Other: has acted like an older brother to Anna Marie since they were little
Job((singer , actor, ..ect.)): actor, musician

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can Kendall and Lucas be buddies? (:

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yay lol. i was bored. so i decided she needed a friend :P

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Name: Justin
age: 17
gender: Male
Personality: Sweet, funny, Fun, Outgoing
crush: Summer
Other: What every girl wants: Talented. Tall. Dark. Handsome :P AH-MAZING Singer. Is Kendall's Best Friend.
Job: Singer

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Welcome! :D

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Name: jojo ( Joann )
age: 18
gender: female
Personality: smart funny sarcastic outgoing wild flirty
crush: MAKE ME ONE PLZ!!
Job((singer , actor, ..ect.)): very famous singer

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