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((RP here after you make a charrie.Thanks))

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Ammarah walked into her new school and went to her locker.

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Braxston and Kacy walked into school.

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Shayla got out of her car and walked up to the school.

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Shayla walked up the front steps on the school, waving at Luke and Luce.

((is it ok if she knows them?))

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"Hey-y," Shayla said and sat down beside them. "What's up?" She smiled.

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Shayla shrugged. "Hyper." She smiled. "I poured sugar all over my Fruit Loops this morning, so I'm super jumpy. Well, more than usual."

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Braxston and Kacy walked. Kacy walked up to Shayla and the others "Hey." She smiled. "He brohter be hind about to die of tirednesss

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"Neither did I until now," Shayla said, her eyes sparkling. "Hey, Kacy, Braxston."

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They grinned. "Ugh School sucks and sorry for interupting."kacy said Braxston just fell onto the grass sitting down.

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"Yes, school sucks, I can agree to that," Shayla said, twisting her curls. "Why can't they just start it at noon? I hate getting up early."

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"Ditto." Brax said laying in the grass. Kacy agreed and smiiled

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"I asked my third grade teacher that one day and she got pissed at me," Shayla said, glaring at the grass.

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"I think all teachers hate me," Shayla said honestly. "One time in middle school, a teacher even called me annoying."

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"Yeah," Shayla said, looking at him. "She's like, "God, shut up Shayla! You're so annoying!" Little jerk," she said, smiling slightly.

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Shayla laughed along.

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((ew! ew! ew! ew! ew! SPIDER!!!))

Shayla got up too, grabbing her bag.

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Claire walked to school, she walked up the stairs, she didn't wave or say hi to the others because she is terribly shy.

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Claire went to her locker

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Shayla walked to her locker, unsure if she was going to just ditch today or actually go to first period.

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After her locker, Claire walkedd to her first class, English.

(can some1 rp with my charrie?)

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Shayla decided just to go to class. She walked to English and took her usual seat in the middle.

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Claire sat in the back of the classroom

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Shayla pulled out her notebook, not planning to take notes, but turned around to start talking to her friends before class started.

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Claire waited for class to start.

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Shayla looked to her friend and whispered. "Is that girl back there new?"
"Yeah, I think so," her friend said. "I have no idea who she is though."
Shayla looked up and smiled at the girl.

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Claire looked up right as Shayla smiled at her, she smiled back a little, shyly

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Shayla got up to sit in a desk beside her. "I'm Shayla," she introduced.

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"Um, hi" she said sorta quietly, "I'm Claire" she said, shyly.

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"Nice to meet you," Shayla said with a gentle smile. "So where are you from?"

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"New York City" she replied

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"No way! Me too!" Shayla said with a smile.

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"Awesome" she smiled


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((kk peace))

"Yeah, I know," Shayla said. "I miss NYC though."

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Ammarah walked into her class and saw her friend. 'Hey yo, Shayla.' She whispered loudly. She smiled and the girl her friend was talking to. 'Hi.' She said sweetly to her.

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"Hey, Amm," Shayla whispered loudly back.

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'Shayshay, what's cracking?' She asked and slipped into the seat next to her friend.

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"Not much, you?" she said and smiled at her.

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'Nothing here. So... what are your next three classes?' She asked.

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"Latin, calculas, and world history," she said.

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'I have Spanish, Calculus, and World History.' she smiled. 'And I have lunch sixth period.'

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"Same," she said and smiled. "Yay!" She clapped her hands.

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'Oh, and fifth period i have study hall.' She smiled

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"Same," she said again.

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'Yay... so how was your summer?' She asked.

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"Awesome," she said. "I went to Europe."

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'Your so lucky. I just went to visit my aunt up state. It was so boring.' She sighed. 'There was no cable or cell phone service, or WiFi. The only fun thing to do was watch guys do farm work and get all sweaty.' She smiled to herself.

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"Ooo, a house with a view," she said and laughed.

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She laughed. 'A really really nice view. Oh... the people next door had a killer view. I went there once and saw a beauty. A shirtless beauty.' She moaned to herself remembering how muscular the boy was.

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