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message 1: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (cecialbiceleste) | 529 comments This is one of my all time fav movies... It's probably covered in this group already, but I wasn't able to find the thread, sorry.

I first saw it at a cinema in Jerusalem, the year I worked and lived in Israel, and watching it with those warrior people was amazing. I simply loved it, and still think it's the perfect movie, with the perfect hero. Simply amazing, in every way.

I have to admit I also loved The Kingdom of Heaven, but not half s much.

message 2: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Cissy, I love this movie too. I mentioned this on a Movies That Made You Cry thread and some people just didn't see what was so sad about the ending. I had to stumble down the hallway to the bathroom so my boyfriend wouldn't see how hard I was bawling.

message 3: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (cecialbiceleste) | 529 comments oh yeah, the ending made me cry too... and I rarely cry at the movies. A glorious film!! Glad I'm not alone.

message 4: by Miss Kim (new)

Miss Kim (thatsmisskimtoyou) I love this movie. I think I've seen it twice. (it's quite long) How creepy is Juaquin Phoenix with the sister groping?

message 5: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (cecialbiceleste) | 529 comments He is extremely creepy... Perfect for the part, by looks and by manner both. Just like Russell is for the part of Maximus.

message 6: by Richelle (new)

Richelle Robinson (sseashell1243) | 8 comments I enjoyed this movie I have HBO on demand and have been watching it again! I love in the end how he is reunited with his family!!

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) We bought this movie right when it came out. It is an incredible film and the cinematography is excellent!

message 8: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (cecialbiceleste) | 529 comments I had to go and rent Gladiator again... Will watch it tonight. :) And yeah, it's so wonderful how he's re-united with his family.

Btw, do watch this clip...

message 9: by Tressa (last edited May 23, 2008 06:00AM) (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Damn you, Cissy, for making me cry at work. Thanks for the clip, though.

I reviewed a detailed book here on Good Reads about Gladiators. What a horrible time in history. Saddens me to know that humans have so little empathy and kindness for their fellow human beings.

What was so sad about the movie is that Crowe doesn't have time to mourn the death of his family before he's forced into gladiator slavery.

message 10: by JHHK (new)

JHHK JHHK | 16 comments Did you watch the extended director's cut of The Kingdom Of Heaven? It’s like a whole new movie. I also love the director’s cut of Troy, and even Alexander...

message 11: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (cecialbiceleste) | 529 comments awww, I know what you mean, Tressa :) It always makes me tearful as well. So beautiful!!

Jhhk, I never knew one like that existed! I have the dvd but not the extended version. I must find it. :)

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