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friendship and loss

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Robyn I'm currently reading this book and am finding it worth the read.
It is from the UK so some terms won't be familiar to all. Not a heavy read.

Maria Lavrador I like this book a lot, it's my favorite one!

Nattaporn This book showed me another side of human, to learn to give and love without condition.

Rafaela Morgado I read this book in the Summer, and I borrowed it to my best friend. She's almost finishing and she's lonig it.
We both agree that that book make us remind ourselves. I would be Kamryn and she would be Adele. The characters are so like us!
We're sure that she would never cheat me, like Adele did, but if someday something bad happened to her, I would take care of her girl, or boy, or anything.
That book show the reader that once you're bestfriends with someone, that person will always be a part of you. It also show us that no one forgets. It's impossible, right? But everyone is able to forgive. Everyone should forgive, because the person that made a mistake is human, and all humans make mistakes.

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