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Watcher in the Woods (Dreamhouse Kings #2)

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Mark Kipper This is actually book two of the Dreamhouse Kings series. Book one is House of Dark Shadows. Both books are incredible! I was a little worried at first because after a scary, fast opening chapter (book 1), the authors spent several chapters introducing the setting and the characters. I was waiting for the action (action, baby, action!). I didn't have to wait long. Action and suspense. Once it got going, it never stopped...even through book two, which picks up where book 1 left off. I'm glad now to have gotten to know the King family and the town of Pinedale, because caring about them made the tense parts more exciting. More! More!

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Lyn I was excited to find out that there are 6 books in this series. Book 7 - Whirlwind - was released just before Christmas and Book 8 - Frenzy - will be released mid-May.

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