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Meg (megkelly) | 47 comments Mod
"Miranda was just like any normal teenager when it came to writing in her journal. It was about life, school, friends and fights with mom. When Miranda hears about the meteor on course for the moon she doesn't think that it deserves a place in her life. But when it finally hits things change. Tsunamis start, volcanoes erupt and earthquakes constantly shake the Earth. With the constant struggle to find food and water her life changes forever."

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Melanie (noreally) | 28 comments Mod
I haven't read it.
I don't know the characters.
I don't know the surprises.
Yes, I do want to read this book.
No, I haven't read the rest of this series.
I don't know the rating.

haha in total I haven't read this book yet. :)

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