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Renee My book club will discuss The Red Pony soon, and I will get back to you on what people have to say.

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Joyce I had to read it in 7th grade. I so hated it that I almost never read another Steinbeck novel. I'm so glad "East of Eden" was made into a television miniseries, because it led me to the book which I read and still treasure. I might think differently about The Red Pony now, but I hated it as a kid.

Jessaka as a child this was my first john stenbeck book, and i cried at the end. since then i have read a lot of steinbeck and consider him my favorite author. i would say that if you haven't read another book of steinbeck read grapes of wrath, tortilla flats, and cannery row.

Patrick I enjoyed the Grandfather character and his story about being a leader of the people on the treck West. He is a man that has outlived his professional usefulness and clinges to the memories of when he was important, high respected individual. This longing for a way of life that has past stood out when taken in consideration with the praire/western motif of the story.

Linkypie this story made me CRY MY EYES OUT i was in 7th grade reading class with my teacher Mr Reily, he made it seem like a light story at first and the closer we got to the end of the book, the more we realized how upset we were all going to be at him for making us read this in a group. Everyone crying. It is an absolutly amazing book ang i would put it next to "Where the red fern grows" and old yeller on my book shelf.

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Charen Have you read the entire book? My daughter is in the 7th grade and she just transferred and had this new homework about The Red Pony and need an answer on few questions can you help?

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