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Team Dorian or Team Kiyo

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Ashriel Are you a fan of Team Dorian or Team Kiyo? :D Take your pick, and why.

I myself, am a Dorian fan... He doesn't have extra baggage and does not keep Eugenie from being what she truly is. Aside from that, god. The two are literally heaven and earth.

Juls Team Dorian All The WAY!! Like you Akito Dorian lets Eugenie be herself.
I think both men have their ulterior motives in wanting to be with her but to me Dorian seems more straight forward. Kiyo seem very sneaky and the fact that he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep mankind safe doesnt sit well with me.

message 3: by Brandy *Ahviel* (last edited Apr 12, 2011 06:00PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brandy *Ahviel* Team Dorian.........
He might have his flaws but really he always tells it like it is, true he might leave a few things out but still Kiyo he jumps and is always willing to push her aside so not cool

Sara In the beginning I was team Kiyo... but then I changed my mind, he's too messed up (I won't say more or it'd be spoiler) and now I am TEAM DORIAN! Mmmh he's hot and sweet! I so wanted to be in Eugenie's shoes...
Can't wait to read Iron Crowned!

Arielka Dorian all of the way!!! Love him

Brandy *Ahviel* hmmm i really won't say anything because i have read and i don't want to give away spoilers but man even after all that I still love Dorian and am i one pissed off person

Sara Brandy Ahviel ~(Mom Addicted to Books) wrote: "hmmm i really won't say anything because i have read and i don't want to give away spoilers but man even after all that I still love Dorian and am i one pissed off person"

Oh God, what happened! Wait, I don't want to know yet! I just hope nothing bad happened to Dorian! I love him!

message 8: by Suz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suz After Iron Crowned I don't care anymore...she is a stupid, insipid, boy crazy little girl who doesn't deserve the love of anyone until she gets some therapy.

message 9: by M. (last edited Apr 17, 2011 07:34AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

M. To be fair Eugenie was brainwashed her entire life and Kiyo is a manipulative ass who uses that to his advantage. (view spoiler)

message 10: by Sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara Oh shit! I can't (and don't want) to know anymore about this, I have yet to read Iron Crowned, and by the sound of this, I guess I will start it soon! Maybe today... I'm too curious!

Brandy *Ahviel* Suz wrote: "After Iron Crowned I don't care anymore...she is a stupid, insipid, boy crazy little girl who doesn't deserve the love of anyone until she gets some therapy."

Yeah tell me about it I was so pissed I actually marked my place in the book and threw my book across the room. I could not read for the rest of the day
I cried I was like NOOOOO. Why he loves you .. I was so upset

message 12: by Patrícia (last edited Jun 06, 2011 10:53AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Patrícia Schmidt Rodrigues Eug needs to became more prone to kill and defend, strangely I believe she needs Dorian even then she loves Kiyo, at least when he send her to pick the crown he didn't tried to kill her, and now Kiyo?

Somehow Eugenie decisions needs a little more of the Anita's Blake fast line of thinking and action... the girl is too confuse and needs to became practical in her own decisions to be a real queen.

I'v got to give she does got allot of raw power, but in acting adult and cold to defend herself and her interests she lack the mind and actions... she does need some therapy... she needs to became a woman and a queen of her kingdom and of her own live...

Runqing Fang team Dorian, of course. Dorian is much more humorous than Kiyo.

Fleur TEAM DORIAN ALL THE WAY, baby! I was just too disappointed at Richelle's last book! I think Richelle, should just STOP toing and froing from one guy to the next. Eugenie needs to get her act together.

Julianne I am team Dorian all the way. I don't like how Kiyo doesn't respect her decisions even if the fate of mankind sits in the balance. I love Dorian for how he is honest with Eugenine. Can't wait for book #4.

Syahira i always wonder why richelle had to add the i in Kyo.. Kyo is more masculine than Kiyo.

Monica Team DORIAN! No doubt about it. He may not always be as direct with Eugenie as he should (maybe) but really... it's turned out to her benefit. AND I think he really loves her, not like stupid Kiyo who I think only wants to control her.

Unknow098765 TEAM DORIAN all the way.. I've only finished Thorn Queen so I am really eager to find out what happens in the next one, but screw Kiyo he's got a child for crying out loud!
Read my review for Thorn Queen here >>

message 19: by Sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara I see most of us love Dorian! :D Mmmm good! Let's just hope Richelle will put them together... Although I have the horrible suspicion Eug will end up with Kiyo...
You think: in Mead's "Georgina Kincaid series" we got the sexy but kinda boring writer Seth and then we have the hot, sexy, sweet, amazing and funny Roman. Two opposite.
In her "Vampire Academy series" tehre's calm rational, strong, sexy , sweet Dimitri - a warrior; then we have Adrian, amazingly gorgeous, sweet, rebel, sexy, funny, but with some serious issues. Again, two opposite.
Here in the Dark Swan series we have two opposite again: Kiyo, boring but sexy, with an animal lust. Then Dorian, reckless, sweet, sexy, loves bondage and most of all loves Eugenie completely. Both men here have some serious issues, even though different. But I am, and I will always be TEAM DORIAN!!!

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Tanya Davis Team Dorian here. He just seems to care more and Kiyo just seems so sneaky.

Precious Diane Aquino Dorian. I've always loved him. He may be power hungry and all but he would never hurt Eugenie. Since I read the latest book out i started liking Dorian more and more and hating Kiyo at the same time. I can't even tell if Kiyo even loved Genie or it was all a plan plotted by Kiyo and his - I can't remember her name. Seriously both men are weird and have issues that they should deal with but i will never stray from my fondness of Dorian or my contempt for Kiyo.

Precious Diane Aquino Michelle wrote: "To be fair Eugenie was brainwashed her entire life and Kiyo is a manipulative ass who uses that to his advantage. [spoilers removed]"
I know that is exactly how i feel. I was screaming in my head "I knew it. I knew he was an ass that shouldn't be trusted. I knew she should have chosen Dorian. I hope the babies are really Dorian's - even if that can't happen."

Scarlet Rose TEAM DORIAN DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this is the first book Richelle Mead has written where everyone agrees on who the main character should end up with.
Although, for some weird twisted reason I really like Voulsian. He just cracks me up and I think hes the only one who has always been there for Eugiene and never lied to her.

Christina Team Kiyo!!! but he has to stop helping m...something(his daughters mother) and accept What she is, which I think he can and will. Dorian will always have his own land and he will do what has to be done....

Janie Stephens Team Dorian! He seems to be the most honest with Eugiene and Kiyo is a twit for not wanting his kids no matter what the prophecy is... who knows maybe what they think is bad could be good in a twist to the story. Kiyo could be sorry.....

Emily Dorian for sure ;)

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Amos Cassidy Definitely Dorian. Kiyo tends to tell Eugiene all the things she can't or shouldn't do whereas Dorian treats her as the strong woman she is. I agree with Emily about him being a total twit for not wanting his kids.

Iyanna Dorian!He is more up front with Eugenie.Kiyo got with Eugenie under false pretenses,and he"s still In love with his baby"s mama

Priyanka team Dorian all the way,I'm not sure if kiyo is a man at all oh wait he is a kitsume.he claimed to love Eugenie but his actions said otherwise


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Skylar Acacia north Team Volusian ;)

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Paige DORIAN all the way!

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Paige Dorian

Whitney DORIAN :)

Although I did like Kiyo in the beginning, then I realized he has too many issues.

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Nidhi Sharma Dorian
He was always honest,more than kiyo,had no baggage,they were always a good team,altough at first he was just curious n had other motives but he really n truely loved eugiene more than that triator fox kiyo.

Mayko I'm 100% pure and unfiltered Team Dorian. I think Kiyo should Die-Yo :P

Cassandra Frederick Dorian all the way, and it isn't just because I find him more attractive. Kiyo was fine in the first book. I like him and Eugenie together. But as the books went on, I could see that no matter what he felt for Eugenie (if ever truly love Eugenie), the loyalty and acceptance in their relationship just wasn't there.

Dorian always loved and accepted Eugenie for who she was. And was on her side when she needed it most. Sure, he could be really manipulative as well and a couple of times he made me mad because of that, but even with that, she always came first for him.

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