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message 1: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Do you have a burning question that you wish someone could answer? Do you wish there was a hotline for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to get anonymous help with questions that you really want to the answers to? Well now there is!

My name's Erik and I am a member of FAIR's Rising Generation, we are a group of young adults who just want to help. Come to us with your questions and I promise we will help you find the answers to your questions or you're money back...NO WE DON'T CHARGE MONEY, THAT WOULD BE LAME! So please, please, please give us a chance and visit our blog and ask a question.
(click this link for a shortcut to our blog)

message 2: by Erik (last edited Apr 15, 2010 02:36PM) (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Oh shoot, did I miss it? Sorry, if I did :(

Ask again anytime!

message 3: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Oooohh yeah, I remember now, you asked about what to say to your friend about the law of chastity. That was a good question. Do you agree with the response I gave you?

message 4: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Cool :) If you have any more questions...

message 5: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments ;)

message 6: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments It's coming. Every day I learn a little more. I just finished Preparation Precedes Power, by Randy Bott. I would recommend that book to any young man or woman looking to serve a mission.

How is school?

message 7: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Whoa! Frogs eh? That's cool! The most awesome thing we dissected in Biology was a little shark. I smelt of fish for days after that class. :P

message 8: by Izzie (new)

Izzie Hinton that is cool

message 9: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Seriously, we would never cut it as fishermen. :P

message 10: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 32 comments haha :D

Thereoncewasagirl | 17 comments my bio teacher is a modern day hippie but at the same time she loves making us dissect things...a little confusing im sure :) weve done worms rats frogs fish and shes trying to get permission for us to do pigs

message 12: by Izzie (new)

Izzie Hinton ha ha that is so funny really a pig i love!!!!!! bacon and all but that would be a little sad to do but fun

message 13: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments As Izzie pointed out, you could recycle the meat by turning it into food :)

message 14: by Izzie (new)

Izzie Hinton yea that would be a good idea

message 15: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 32 comments Ewwwww rats?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Why, why, why??? :o

message 16: by Erik (new)

Erik (erikfrg) | 75 comments Rat-ta-too-ee anyone? :D

Thereoncewasagirl | 17 comments XDill have to suggest the bacon idea

message 18: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 32 comments lol

message 19: by Izzie (new)

Izzie Hinton yea go bacon :P

message 20: by Izzie (new)

Izzie Hinton bacon

Thereoncewasagirl | 17 comments ugh-im on the stake youth committee and youth conference is coming up-at our last meeting we were complaining about how nobody knew the line dances-they told us we are now teaching them at youthconference! we were complaining about ourselves-yikes!so were are trying to relearn them all before the 28th and our dj is in hawwaii until the 27th-we are trying to make a list of the line dances but we cant think of them all :(

message 22: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 32 comments I like the electric slide... there is also the EFY one, and the YMCA one.

Thereoncewasagirl | 17 comments the efy one is ridiculous :) i still love it but i was teaching it to my nonmember friend and she was like-are you on something?

message 24: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 32 comments Ahahaha! That's great, heehee. I never really thought of it that way before ... :D

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