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Neha yea this is an amazing piece of emotion and pathetic life of lover girl who was compelled to opt prostitution for her survival and her son upbringing

Neha In 1955 met the 22 year old Swedish Majbritt during a study trip in London, the painter Raymond Morrison. They fall in love and in 1958 Majbritt come back to London in order to marry Raymond.

Between the gray slums of London will soon end their idyll. Raymond is one of the many West Indian immigrants who because of their skin color could not find work. Their poverty is so great that they act as 'Tanya' to continue 'working' on the way, in 11 western jungle by an English parliament once "the biggest brothel in Europe called" the profijtelijkst: it will boot formulation star, escort animeermeisje.

They are introduced to the London underworld. She becomes addicted to drink. She is in jail on suspicion of drug trafficking. Her marriage to Raymond stranded.

Then she begins the report by London's turbulent years to write. She says goodbye to 11 in this gripping western jungle writing about the reality of prostitution.

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Bestmate watson I am looking for a copy of this book, if anyone knows in uk or online please message me.thanks

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