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((start here))

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Lora went to find her cabin

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Cole walked into the camp and went straight for his cabin, set up and went to the dock for a swim.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Lora grabbed her towel as she went to the dock

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Cole took off his shirt and jumped in, creating a huge splash and soaked the dock.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Lora stripped off her shorts and tank as she was about to jump in but seen a very cute guy

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Cole looked down the dock and the hottest girl he ever saw. He swam towards her. 'Hey, I'm Cole.' He said smiling.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she blushed as she sat down as her legs hung over the edge with her toes in the water, "I'm Lore" she said

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'Cool, so where's your cabin?' He asked hoping he didn't drown while staring at her.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments "Im at number 4" she said, "what about you"

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'Five!' Cole smiled.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she smiled as she slowly slide into the water

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Alex walked to her cabin, Cabin number 6.

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Jackie was walking around in the woods

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When Alex finished unpacking and stuff, she walked into the woods.

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