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((start here))

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Callie walked into her school as she went to her locker

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Cole ran into the school trying to outrun the pig he brought in today, but failed.

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Heather Salsbury (twilightblonde) | 1 comments Everyone laughed as he suddenly fell all Callie could do was walk over and help her best friend up.

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Cole walked up to Callie. 'Hey Cal? I brought in the pig he's on his way.' Cole whispered and his pig trotted up them. He shot her his dazzling smile as the pig came.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Callie smiled as she looked at his pig

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'His name is Mr. Fluffy Pants, cuz I stole my sisters fluffy pants and put it on him, see?' He told her pointing to his pig.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she laughed as she looked at cole

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'So watcha have first period?' Cole asked as they walked down the hall with the pig following.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she smiled, "I have art" she said as she looked at him as she tried not to blush

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'Me too!' What period you have lunch?' He asked. HE was feeling sore from football the day before and tripped over his feet and fell. Then the pig ran into him and then jumped on top of him. He started laughing so hard his eyes were tearing.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Callie bent over to help Cole up, "and I have lunch the same time as you" she said

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'Oh, right. Ha, I knew that.' Cole took her hand in hand and they walked down to art together.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she looked at him as she blushed, as she wondered why he was holding her hand

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Once they walked into the art room Cole let go of his friends hand and had the pig follow him to the teachers desk. He made sure it stayed under the desk so when the teacher would sit down the pig would go wild and knock her over. Then he went back and sat down next to Callie.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she looked at cole, and smiled as they had been friends for years

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'So, where the teacher be at?' Cole said aloud not knowing he did. Then the first bell rang and in bustled the teacher. She screamed even before she sat down, and Mr. Fluffy Pants went running back to Cole's legs and stayed under his chair for the rest of the period. He smiled pleased with himself.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments Callie laughed as she texted Cole why did you hold my hand?? she asked without wanting to speak

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He got the text and sent back, Cuz, I thought I was gonna fall, again. And pluzz your hands are really soft. He sent back, hoping to get into trouble for texting but did not.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she blushed well can I tell you something...but its a secret

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Sure, you know you can tell my anything. Wait are you pregnant, cuz I really wanna go out with you but if your pregnant then... lol jk i no your not... right? :) He smiled as he sent it.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she laughed of course not lol...really I was gonna tell you that i like you

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments [[g2g brb:]]

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((kk bi bi)) 'Yes!' Cole yelled aloud, then shrank back realizing what he did. Will you go out with me? he texted back.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments of course

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Cole leaned over and took her hand again. He started stroking it with his thumb. But he tried to avoid Callie's eyes.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she blushed as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek

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Izzy was walking about bored

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Dusty (mrsbieber) cloe skate boarded around her new school

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Cole blushed and smiled.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she smiled as she looked at cole

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Cole let go of Callie's hand and stretched. He looked at the time and gathered his things. The bell would ring in a few minutes. He took the leash for his pig and waited at the door, not caring what the teacher yelled at him. He yawned and walked out of the room with his pig trotting behind him.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments callie smiled as she walked to her locker

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) Kyuni was sitting on a bench,clutching her head.Owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!,she thought,rubbing the knob that had been put there by her mother.

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Cole walked to his next class with the pig and did the same thing with it he had done in art. The teacher screamed and the pig sat under him. He was enjoying his day so far.

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{Caitlyn} | 598 comments she sighed and walked home

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) Kyuni was afraid to come home.

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((can someone make a charrie for izzy?))

Izzy was kicking around a soccer ball

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) ((rp?))

Kyuni was trudging down a street when she saw a girl kicking a soccer ball.She immediatley hid the cut on her cheek with her hair.

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Izzy kicked the ball in the air then kept it there by bouncing it on her knee

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Cole went to his locker and dumped all his homework in his schoolbag. HE slung it over one shoulder and walked home with the pig. He saw Callie just a few blocks ahead of him and ran to catch up. 'Hey there!' He beamed at her and kissed her cheek.

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) Kyuni started to run,accidentaly falling with a loud thud.

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Izzy looked over and saw her. "You okay?"

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) Kyuni sat up,hiding the cut again,fumbling,though."F-fine."

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Cole looked to the right of him and saw someone fall. HE ran over and bent down to try to help her up. 'Are you okay?' He asked reaching down to help her up, with his pig following right behind him.

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"Ok." Izzy said and went back to kicking her ball

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((can someone make a charrie for izzy?))

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'You sure?' Cole asked looking after the girl who had just run off with a soccer ball. His hand was still out stretched to help her up.

((sure hold on though))

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((ok thx))

○Master of Zombies○~Haunted~ DarkScreech (revengeismurdermotive) "Yeah."and Kyuni flipped her hair involuntarily,revealing the wound."Ack!"she muttered,hiding it again.

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