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how cute do u think hp is?

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hi new comers.

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hey eli. remember, on goodreads just be yourself

Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) hello! i'm aerieyalle nice to meet you all, and if i've already met you, nice to hear from you again. :)

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Hey Awesome one's sister.

Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) am i awesome one's sister? lol and Hi Brandon

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Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* wrote: "am i awesome one's sister? lol and Hi Brandon"

oh no, he was talking about eli-bea:) lol and hello everyone!!!! thanks for joing this group

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U welcome

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No offence but I dont like boys

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Ok then.....

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soooooooo.. how cute DO u think harry potter is? ladies nd gentleman :)

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Uh i guess he would be a good friend. Eli-bea are you going to RP?

Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) cute lol and that's ok . . . :)

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Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) HP is cute lol and it's ok if you weren't talking about me, i'm a little blond lol

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I'm a full blonde so don't pull that one on me Lol.

Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) i am, i color my hair a lot in about a month it'll be brown with blond highlights. . . what do you think?

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IDK I'm a boy.

Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) that's ok. . . we still love ya anyways lol

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Aerieyalle *Goddess of Vampires* Kingdoms  (goddessofvampires) what's that mean?

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hes immune to love. still. and i have black hair thats being done. ill send you a pic when im done if i can

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How would you know?

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((rp starts)) raymond lifted his wand to ashley in a dueling stance "better b ready to b defeated" ashley chuckled 2 herself. ((r u happy NOW?!))

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Uhh we've already started.

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ohhh... where?

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on the fourm Rp. What house ar you in?

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gryffandoor. DUH!

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Well then!

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so wat do i do?!

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by the way, if u make this diffacult, ill kick u off the group bcuz im the hoo sharted this club in the 1st place!!!

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Ok sorry

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my hairs black.

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eli! dont be mean to brandon. shes kinna new to this. she doesnt know how to roleplay

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*rolls eyes*

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hush or ill tell salsa bunny u were still on the cp

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*rolls eyes again*

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fine im going rite now!

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Ok i wont. Is anyone online when I am?

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i am!!! lol

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14 mins later lol. Why isn't your sister online when you are?

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cause. shes only on cause YOUR off

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Sweet I'm ganna be on for all of today!!!

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*shakes head* you guys really hate each other dont you

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yep get off my chatroup wether u made it or not. u have 1 more chance.

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No I don't hate her. I just don't like her attitude.

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2 bad

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