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I have been getting a lot of book recommendations from members of the various groups I am in, and then forgetting which group recommended which book. I would like to suggest that whenever you recommend a book on a post, you add it to the group shelves. I will try to do this as I see them, too! Here is a step-by-step how-to that I copied from another group's post (thanks, Lisa & CR!!)

If you'd like to shelve your own books when you've posted about them in a discussion, here's how to do it:

1. From the group's home page click on the "bookshelf" link.

2. In the "add books" search box enter your book's title or title and author.

3. When you see your book on the results page, click on the "add to group" box. (You can first choose the edition of your choice by clicking on the "other editions" link right below that box if you'd like to do that.)

4. You'll then get to a box. The first thing you do is click on the "choose shelves" link.

5. Then, put a check mark on all the shelves that are applicable to your book. You may add a shelf, if you like.

6. Close that smaller shelves box. (This is sometimes, but not always, an optional step.)

7. In the big book box that remains, click save.

8. Voila! Your book will now be shelved in our group, and will be searchable in all the shelves you selected.

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SarahC (sarahcarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
I wanted to add also, if you aren't sure about a category or "shelf" for the book you would like to add, please message Jeannette or me to our inboxes and we'll help choose a category. Maybe that will alleviate having too many categories or shelves within the overall bookshelf.

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