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((roleplay for Dawn Herd here))

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Zanzibar looked proudly over the valley he called his.

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Empress walked through a grassy meadow. She stopped suddenly to scent the wind. He nostrils flarred as she caught scent of another horse.

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Zanzibar spotted another horse. female He thought.

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Empress let out a low nicker, annoucing her presence. She broke into a trot, the wind whipping her mane.

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Zanzibar half reared, not in a threatening way though. He happily trotted towards the mare.

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Empress slowed a bit and swished her tail. She nickered and slid to a stop in front of the stallion.

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Zanzibar bobbed his head. "Hello"

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Empress nodded and nickered back, "Hi"
She extended her neck toward the stallion.

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Zanzibar brushed his muzzle against hers.

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Checkers walked along in the forest when she caught the scent of other horses. She trotted out into the open and as soon as she saw Zanzibar, Whisper, and Empress, she whinnied. The wind ruffled her mane and blew her tail across her body.

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Empress flinched slightly, but inhaled the stallion's scent. She took a step forward and gentlely nudged Zanzibar's neck.

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Divona stood to the side and grazed.

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Zanzibar let out a low nicker.

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Divona's gase flicked to Zanzibar for a moment.

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Checkers nickered to the other horses and lowered her head.

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"It is time. We must move." Zanzibar announced.

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Empress nickered back before bucking and galloping of. Her long tail streamed behind her like a banner. She bucked again.

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Zanzibar let out a shrill whinny, telling Empress to gather with the rest of the herd.

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Empress flattened her ears and ingorned Zanzibra. She put on a burst of speed and galloped toward the woods, totally oblivious to the danger near by.

((the danger is a band of lone stallions, just wait and see though! ;) ))

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Zanzibar half-reared.

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Empress galloped along the edge of the woods. Suddenly, a bay stallion jumped out of the trees. Empress slammed to a halt, inches away from the bay.

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Zanzibar raced towards the other stallion angrily. He slid to a stop and then reared, slamming down on the stud violently. He went down, in immense pain, and then Zanzibar nipped Empress on the hindquarters, telling her to go back to the herd. After making sure the other stallion would no longer be a threat, he gallop back to the herd, too.

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Empress pinned her ears back and squealed. She stood where she was, eyes on the bay stallion.

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Zanzibar didn't care anymore. His herd was better off without a mare like her.

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Empress stood still, watching both stallions. The bay stepped towards her and nickered. Empress pinned her ears but stayed put.

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Zanzibar prodded his herd the other way.

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The bay stallion nipped her shoulder harshly herding her away. Empress pinned her ears and kicked at the stallion, hitting him square in the chest. She began to back away as the stallion slowly walked after her, an angry gleam in his eye.

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Zanzibar moved further away with his herd.

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((I don't think so.....We need a new lead stallion thorugh))

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((stallion, yes))

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(( him the charries topic and let's rp!))

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Empress whinnied to any other horse nearby. She continued backing up, trying to avoid the bay stallion. The stallion nipped her again, making Empress jump back.

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The bay stallion squealed and shoved Empress behind him. Then he turned to face his opponent, rearing and twisting in the air.

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The stallion winced as the other stallion''s hoof made contact with his flesh. Pinning his ears, the bay stood still before lunging at Skyness, his teeth grabbing the stallion's withers.

Meanwhile, Empress scooted sideways so she was now on the other side of the bay. Flicking her orange tail, she walked away.

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Bask curled his upper lip in a smile. He lowered his head to nude the other stallion.

Empress heasitated and halted, starring at Skyness.

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Bask snorted and backed away. He whinnied triumphantly, trotting towards Empress.

Empress ignored him and and nudged Skyness. There was no way he could be dead that easily.

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Bask squealed and jumped back to his feet. Suddenly, an idea struck him. With out another word, the stallion galloped off, tail carried high, into the woods.

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Empress starred at him with a confused look. She nickered and walked after him.

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"What are you doing?" Empress asked, catching up to him.

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"Umm....then why did you help me?" Empress asked, stomping a hoof.

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"So you're just going to leave me here, alone?" She asked, starring at the ground.

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"You can't leave me alone. What would I need to help you with?" Empress asked, taking a step forward.

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Zenyatta | 82 comments Flint watched the pair from the woods. The he slowly walked towards the filly.

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Empress turned her head and starred at th approaching horse. She nickered

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Zenyatta | 82 comments Flint nickered back, eyeing the other stallion.

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Zenyatta | 82 comments Flint walked forward, nudging Flint

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