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rolelay here

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments Kristal walked in the door from school and shouted "Im home" to let her mom know shes there. Once in her room she began to do her homework and go ont he computer, seeing if anyone's on.

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Jaden walked up to Kristals house they were pretty good friends.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments Kristal was still on the computer checkin up on all her things and just searching random words on google because she was very bored.

((I do tht when Im bored lol))

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He rung the door bell.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments She quickly got up and sprinted down the stairs to get it. As she opened the door she saw Jaden, grinned and gave him a humongous hug

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"Hey whats up." He smiled hugging back.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Nothin much, just doin homework and sitting around being bored." Kristal said as she pulled away from him.

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He walked in. "U need help?"

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "No. Im just about finished... You wanna go out? Im tired of being in here." She said starting to close the door.

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"Okay, yea where to?" He asked putting his arm around her shoulder.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Hmm....I'll let you surprise me this time." Kristal said with enthusiasm.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments (( Where r u?? ))

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((I here))

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"HOw bout to lunch?Im starving." He said

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments (( KK lets go ))

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Ok.. Anywhere special you wanna go? But....I could really go for a little Chinese. I luv there donuts!!" She said merrily

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He hopped in his car turning it on."BUt i guess we can just get some coffee and some donuts an chill." He smiled he had the biggest crush on Krystal.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Okay...But next time, we get chinese...Or maybe, maybe, we could go out to eat and get chinese?? I mean its up to you. If you dont want to, we dont have to." Kristal said quickly, she started to form a cruxh on Jaden.

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"YOu know that sounds way better you wann pick up some chineese and head over to the county fair." He smiled

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "I would love too!!!! I cant wait to go on the rides together." Kristal said happily. She put her hand on his forearm and gave a little squeeze.

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He smiled. "Okay, well Lets go." He said pulling off. The arrived at the chinese store and ordered.Then sat down to eat. "Sooo..."He said trying to start conversation.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "How was your day at school?? I heard some rumors that girls are going to flirt with you..and want to do other things..." Kristal let the sentence go on with nothing else to say..

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"Oh yea well they are definiley Rumors." He said. "I know i'm pretty popular but i hate when people start sh*t." He said

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Ok...Anything else good happen today? Like did you...get a good grade on a test?? If you had one??" Kristal said with calmness. She was ecstatic he didnt care wat the girls were saying about him.

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"Ugh yea my advance calculas class i got an A.And how was your day." He asked taking a sip of his soda."

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "I think I passed my Geometry pop quiz today. Im not sure. That teacher really pisses me off. He talks soooo slow and expects us to pay attention. Other than that I've had a good day. And am going to have an even greater time tonite with you!!!" Kristal said.

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He smiled." THats good and whats gonna happen tonight ..SOrry i forgot what we are going to do." He smirked

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "How could you forget??? You are the one who thought of it. Jeese. Sometimes I wonder if you have short term memory loss." Kristal smiled playfully

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"Yea i guess." He said smiling back. He was done eating.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Are you playing aroudn with me?? You know I hate when you do tht..." she said sarcastically while lightly smacking him on the shoulder

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"aww im sorry i was ."He smiled. "You wanna know a secret?" He asked

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"(( I'll be back in liike 20 mins you should come over.))

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Sure wat is it??" She asked questionly

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments (( wish I could. :( but seriously I need to know if you're comin or not though. ))

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"Ugh...Never mind." H'e said

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Wat?? are you kidding?! You cant do tht you got me all excited!!" Kristal said with a little frustration

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"Oh okay i --I wanted to tell you..." He said"I ..."

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Come on tell me!!!" she said quickly

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"I -ugh ilikeyou!!I like you alot." He sqished his words all together.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "well...I like you alot too..." she said shyly... she wouldnt look him in the eyes

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"REally?..."He said looking away as well.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Why wouldnt I?? you're so awesome and everything tht I could ever want..." Kristal took a sip of her pop and got up. "We should get goin if we wanna get in." she started walking and motioned for him to come too

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He followed behind her. And opened the car.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments when she sat down there was an awkward silence. "sooo are you gonna ask me out or not??" she asked quietly

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He laughed "DO i havta?I mean we already know we like eachother.

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "U dont have to if u dont want to..."

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"Krystal will you go out with me." He said with a smile

^_^ ~ChReSlyN~ ^_^ (chessie) | 82 comments "Why of course I will...Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to ask me?? Now that we are officially a couple, we can go on our first date. Now get driving you hot stud!!" Kristal said teasingly. She learned over and kissed him on the cheek very softly to where he could barely feel it.

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