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RP here as soon as you make a charrie. And if they are in the other werewolves roleplay you MAY NOT roleplay them here. End of story; no exceptions.

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((OKAY !!))

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Hayden was outside in her back yard, sitting barefoot with her legs out talking to Halee. Halee had her legs crossed and was playing with the grass. They both had their sunglasses on.

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ALex Was cutting his grass. His parents yelling at him to do this chore and that chore so he could get the money for his car. ((His parents except him.))

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((u said his name was alex in the charries file lol))

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((haha yea i was thinking about another one odf my charries))

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((o ok :]))

Hayden leaned back on her hands, looking at the forest in her backyard.

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He was so hot.He stopped cutting the grass running in the back yard jumping into the pool. ((the could be neighbors??))

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Halee and Hayden both looked over once they heard water splash. "There's Alex," they said at the same time. They got up and ran over to the fence.

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He got outta the pool. Waving and ran over to the fence. "Whats up ladies." He smiled

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"Nothing," they said at the same time and smiled.
"What's up with you?" Hayden asked.

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"my mom and dad are making me cut the grass then im going to look at care.Im gonna be getting a Dodge." he smiled. "then im leaving to look for my own place." he said

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"You're moving too?" Hayden asked, raising her eyebrows.

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"Yea you know how im a ..." he coughed. "you know((They know??))

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((yeah they know))

"We understand," Halee said.

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"Yea i cant stay here forever." Heleaned into to them. "U should come with me."

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"That's why she said too," Halee said, bumping Hayden who was staring at Alex with a smile.
"Yeah, we're moving into a house our dad bought us," Hayden added.

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"Oh okay cool." He smiled looking at halle then smiling widly at Hayden.

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Hayden giggled.
Halee rolled her eyes. "Flirt," she whispered to Hayden. Hayden slapped her arm.
"So where are you moving?" Hayden asked.

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He laughed a little. "up in the mountains." He said smiling.

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"Same here," they said at the same time again.

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"Yea well thats cool maybe we'll be neightbors again."

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"That'd be great," Hayden said, brushing back a curl.

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"Well Uh u wanna come over in like 10 minutes because im almost done cutting the grass." He smiled

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"Sure," they said at the same time again.

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"Okay." he said with a smirk "See ya in 10 minutes."

_10 minutes later_

He sat on a chair in his backyard. Laying in only his shorts.

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Hayden was in a tree between the fences. "How cold is that water?" she asked Alex, staring at the pool.

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"Its not thaat cold. " He said eyes still closed laying in the chair.

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Hayden smiled and jumped down from the tree silently. She jumped into the pool fully dressed.

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He opened his eyes. "You look nice." He smiled "Wheres your sister?"

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"Shopping," Hayden said, her hair still curly even though it was wet. "Mom's out of town, and dad has no idea what goes in the kitchen." She chuckled.

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"Ookay."He smiled "Come here."

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"Why?" Hayden said, but swam up to the side of the pool.

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"Because ..." He said "Just come here."

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Hayden got out of the pool anyway, ringing out her hair.

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Hey smiled."We should go out into the woods tonight andd have camping trip."

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"I love camping," Hayden said with a smile. She bent down to shake her hair out, then stood up again. "You were right about the water. It's not even cold."

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"well to the humans it might be but we're warm blooded."He grinned "and if your cold just give me a hug."

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"No, it's fine. I'm smoking," Hayden said and struck a pose. She laughed.

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"yes u are."he mumbled beneath his breath

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Hayden looked at him. "What'd you say?" she asks, since she didn't hear him.

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"Oh um i said ...I dont know what i said."

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She laughed. "Okay then." She put her hands on her hips.

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ALex Had liked Hayden for a while. But he never thought to tell her. He just kep it to him self.

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((u said jaden again lol))

Hayden looked at him. "Well, now I'm soaked, and I don't know what to do."

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((AHHHH SHIZZZ Im soo sorrry :P_)_)

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((it's fine lol :) o and we have the cuts rp too))

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"Okay in like 5 minutes my parents are leaving.So we can go inside and hang and watch a creeppy movie.But lets call Halee first to see if she wants to chill wiht us." He smiled.

((Hayden should think ?he likes halle but hes really just nice.))

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((kk i like tht idea :) hehe))

"Fine with me," Hayden said and shrugged. She sighed. No wonder he'd invite her. "My phone's in the house. So you can call her."

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