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Ooc; Start

Calakari was walking around outside in the park near the lake and while she walked people stared at her whispering about her ears and tail and this made Calakari frown but she kept walking. She walked over to the swings and she sat on it and started to pump her legs going high,her tail swishing back and fourth and her ears flopping down then back up and she laughed

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Jaden was transformed he was in the shape of spirt. He practiced his Shape shifting.

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Calakari laughed and swung higher her tail flyign over her head

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He returned to his human form.

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Calakari looked at all the familys in the park playing peacefully and laughing and it made her sad she didn't have anyone like that

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Jaden walked threw the park observing all the humans.

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Calakari's tail went over her head and into her face and she laughed her ears flopping back and fourth

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He smiled as he saw the children running around and the parents yelling making it a big deal. "Your gonna hurt your self." One yelled. He continued walking wiht a grin.

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Calakari's tail got over her eyes and she couldn't see and she fell off the swing

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Kate It was night where AJ was from, perfect time forher shap-shifting. Easily and smoothly, she changed into the dangerous predetor she was: a black panther. She felt so manacing and powerful in this form that she never wanted to go back. but she had, during the day at least.

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Jaden sat on a bench.

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Calakari let out a Fox yelp and she stood up brushing the dirt off her shirt and her tail brushing the dirt off her ass

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Jaden decided to go.He headed towards the woods.

message 14: by Kate (new)

Kate AJ ran to edge of of the clearing in the woods and transformed back into a human.

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Calakari got some weird looks so she shifted her hands and feet into paws and she ran into the woods running past Jayden

Ooc; Who by the way is gorgeous

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He shapeshifted. Laying near a stream.

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Kate AJ saw fox run by and her instincts to chase it kicked in. She transformed into a panther again and sprinted after it.

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He stood up looking at it and ran.

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Calakari stopped when she neared the Lake's edge and she shifted her paws into hands and feet again and she laid beside the water her ears perking up and her tail swishing from side to side

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He crep up behind the fox.Changing into a human ((When the change back do the have clothes on??))

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Ooc; Ya They Do Lolz

Calakari's ears perked up and they twitched a bit sensing something and her tail stopped swishing

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((okay haha wasnt sure :D))

"Your a shifter...Are'nt you?" He asked

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Calakari literally jumped out of her spot her feet and hands paws and her tail was rising and bristling her ears perked and twitching

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He looked carefully then turned away. "I guess not."

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"Oh my god don't sneak up on me like that" She said her tail slowly dropping to the ground and her ears stoped twitching and her paws now hands and feet again

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He turned to face her. "Im sorry.I just thought it was you." He said.

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"You thought I was me?" She asked confused burshing herself off and her tail brushing her ass off

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"NO i reconized you."He said Watching her carefully.

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Ooc; SOrry had to go to my mom's for a sec

"Really?" She asked "Weird"

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(( Its okay :D))

"Yea."He said smiling "I guess it is weird."

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Calakari looked around and she sat down like a Fox "So"

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"NOthing.Just practcing my shifting." He said

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"Um that's cool" Calakari said and she shifted her right hand a paw and her tongue a Fox tongue and she licked her paw

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"Yea i guess i'll leave u to...whatever it is u do."

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"I don't do much since I have no friends..." She said sadly

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"Well i'll be your friend." He said smiling warmly at her.

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Calakari smiled back at him just as warmly "Thank you...what's your name?" She asked curiously tipping her head to one side in curiousity and it looked so darn adorable

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He was still smiling. "Jaden.My names Jaden.And yours?"

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"My name is Calakari but my nickname is Kari"

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"thats a beautiful name." He smiled. "Where are you from?"

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"I'm from Montreal" Kari said "What about you and thanks for the compliment"

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"Your very welcome.And I'm was born in England but i love to travel." He said

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"Oh my gosh!I have always wanted to go to England,my family and I were going to go but then....they kicked me out for growing these ears and a tail" Kari said

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"thats horrible And maybe you can come with me." He grinned.
((He has an accent)

message 45: by Kate (new)

Kate (haha)

AJ watched them from the dge of the clearing, her tail swishing back on forth silently. She couldn't believe ears. There were others like her! Other freaks she could relate to! She was so excited she didn't even realize she was purring softly.

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He turned around.

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hearing something.

message 48: by Kate (new)

Kate AJ quickly shut up when the boy who called himself Jaden turned around.

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"Wait here Kari i hear something." He said transfroming into a cheetah.

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Kate Before AJ could control herself, she lept out the woods and into the clearing in her panther form, growling menacingly and ready to strike if necessary.

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