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RP here as soon as you make a charrie.

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Miki was in her penthouse, staring out the window watching Miami.

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Fiona glared out her window she was pissed off she didn't get to blow anything up

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Miki sat down on the couch tiredly.

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Fi grimaced she went to bed and fell asleep with a gun under her pillow

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((is fiona a spy?))

Shawn called Miki just because he didn't have anything else to do.

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((NO she was but she is a burned one so whe works with Mike they help people and also traumatize them hehe))

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((ok lol))

Shawn asked Miki if she wanted to go to a club, so she agreed and got up to change and get ready.

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((ok idk what to put hmmmmmm So they are like good guys but bad guys lol))

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((o ok cool...? lol jk awesome :)))

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((I KNOW k any ideas))

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((shawn and miki might kill someone off at the club i'm still deciding))

Miki hopped in her car and drove over to the club.

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((wow OK ummmm let me thinnnk))

Mike was at home

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((lol ik))

Miki pulled up in front of the club.

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Mike grabbed a book

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